Woodbine Entertainment Corporation is pleased with the details of Bill C-218, which will allow Woodbine to continue to operate in the Province of Ontario. The company, for years, has been a leader in the gaming industry, providing a superior entertainment value to its customers. Bill C-218 will allow Woodbine to continue its commitment to providing the best customer service in the business, while providing a competitive gaming environment.

The government of Canada has announced its plans to legalize online poker. This comes after the Senate of Canada voted in favour of Bill C-218 , which outlines the framework of the legalization of online poker in Canada. As part of the bill, the federal government has committed to a significant investment of at least $100 million in the development of online poker over the next few years.

Casino operators are happy with the newly proposed federal legislation known as Bill C-218 or the FairPlay for Quebecers Act, which is designed to protect players in the province from losing money at casinos. Bill C-218, which was tabled on January 31, 2019, will eliminate the so-called “gross-receipts tax” (GST) imposed on casinos by the previous federal government.

This week will be a historic one for the Canadian gambling industry as the country moves closer to legalizing betting on certain sports. On Tuesday, the Senate formally passed bill C-218 on third reading. Jim Lawson, CEO of Woodbine Entertainment, said he was pleased with the company’s position in the new single-event sports betting arena.

Currently only horse racing or offshore betting sites allow betting on a specific sporting event. Bill C-218 would allow counties to offer betting on individual events in a safe and regulated manner. And with Woodbine Entertainment’s experience, the company believes it can contribute to the future of the law.

Excellent position

CEO Jim Lawson believes the passage of the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act will benefit the leader in horse racing for many reasons. Mr. Lawson explained that Woodbine Entertainment, through its long-standing relationship with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, as well as its expertise, will be able to provide important information on changes in the gaming industry.

Mr Lawson explained that companies wishing to offer betting on horse racing, regardless of the sport, must offer a race manager. This is due to the fact that the company holds an individual sports betting license for live horse racing in Ontario. In addition, Bill C-218 removes horse racing from the legislation, so operators will have to enter into a pari-mutuel with a horse racing regulator.

In addition, the CEO said that if the company wanted to work with the horse racing regulator, its brand would be offered throughout the province through 50 sports betting offices. Mr. Lawson believes that Woodbine Entertainment has the most desirable locations for pari-mutuel activities because of its technology, influence and required regulatory approvals. Additionally, the company may convert its Dark Horse app into a sports betting app.

Bill C-218 could also be of great benefit to the CFL, according to Wade Miller, president of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Miller said the one-time sports betting legislation could be a game changer for the football association because it provides a way to increase revenue. The betting legislation could bring the league new sponsorship and marketing deals.

Objections to Kahnawake

Prior to the official passage of the safe and regulated sports betting legislation, there was significant opposition in the Senate. The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, as a First Nation, has asked to be included in the legislation. The Tribe feared that its exclusion would have a significant impact on its gambling operations and that it would not be able to control its future operations.

Position change

Despite recent opposition, Bill C-218 has received widespread support across the country. Senator Brent Cotter of Saskatchewan, who previously opposed the amendments, has changed his mind and now supports the legislation. Mr. Cotter stated that since many sports jurisdictions support the bill, there is no harm in introducing it because the counties would be able to enforce it in a safe and responsible manner.

Source: Woodbine CEO appreciates positioning of company after Senate passes Bill C-218, TSN, 23. June 2021On March 27, 2011, U.S. Senators Frank Lautenberg from New Jersey, and Jack Reed from Rhode Island introduced the United States Online Poker Competition Act of 2011 to the United States Senate. The Act would eliminate the federal prohibition on interstate commerce in both online poker and casino games, and would require the U.S. government to regulate the gambling industry. The Act also contains several other features, including the establishment of a joint House-Senate committee to examine the proliferation of online gambling.. Read more about bill c-218 canada update and let us know what you think.

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