After the tragic horse deaths at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, Ontario, Canada last week that left 10 horses dead on track over a three-month period, owner Woodbine Entertainment Group has changed its live racing schedule.

Woodbine Entertainment Group has announced that they will be changing the live racing schedule. The first change is scheduled for April 4, 2021. Read more in detail here: when does woodbine racetrack open 2021.

Woodbine Entertainment, Ontario’s leading horse racing firm, has announced that it would make certain changes to its weekend live racing program. The adjustments will affect the company’s Woodbine Racetrack, as well as the company’s future race cards and news post hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


Woodbine Racetrack, the leader in horse racing, is located in Etobicoke and hosts a number of interesting Thoroughbred races throughout the year. The horse racing racetrack, which features a one-mile dirt track, first opened its doors in 1956. It is also the site of The Queen’s Plate, one of the continent’s oldest and most renowned racing events.

Minor alterations


Woodbine Entertainment announced on November 2, 2021 that it has made some minor changes to the track’s racing program. The post timings for Thursday, November 4 and Saturday, November 6 have been pushed back from 12:55 p.m. to 1:11 p.m. The business clarifies, however, that this modification only applies to this week’s timetable.

According to the corporation, the start of the Friday, November 5 race card racing activities will also be changed. The day’s activities will now begin at 4:10 p.m., rather than the originally planned 4:50 p.m. This adjustment is only effective for this week’s calendar. The schedule is available in its entirety on the company’s official website,

Regrettable News

Hugo Dittfach, a Hall of Fame rider, died away last week at the age of 85, according to the leading horse racing publication. Mr. Dittfach, who was born in the German town of Ostrisland in 1936, had a long and illustrious career in horse racing, having won over 4,000 races as a rider and was inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame in 1983.

Jim Lawson, the company’s CEO, spoke a few words about the unfortunate news. Mr. Lawson feels himself fortunate to have worked with Mr. Dittfach and shared many experiences with him. The great jockey, according to him, was a hardworking and honest individual who always gave his all when riding. Mr. Lawson expressed his gratitude for his significant contribution to the sport and said that he would be missed by everybody.

The 162nd Queen’s Plate is an annual horse race held in the United Kingdom.

The 162nd edition of the CA$1-million Queen’s Plate event was held at Woodbine Racetrack this summer. The debuting Safe Conduct surprised everyone by winning this year’s contest against stiff competition. In addition, the event produced CA$3.5 million in betting volume this summer, and the track totaled CA$16.1 million in wagering volume for the weekend, which is 11% more than last year’s figures.

Next Summer’s Planning

The company’s other Ontario facility, Woodbine Mohawk Park, staged the Mohawk Million event for Standardbreds this summer. The leader’s CEO is pleased with the event’s outcomes, which were just the second time it was held. He also disclosed that the tournament would be held again next summer, giving horsepeople and owners plenty of time to prepare.

Source: PastTheWire, November 2, 2021, “Woodbine alters post timings for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.”

The “woodbine racetrack entries” is a change that has been made by Woodbine Entertainment. The company decided to change their live racing schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Woodbine Cancelled today?

A: Woodbine is not cancelled today.

Why did Woodbine cancel racing today?

A: Woodbine is a racetrack in Canada and it cancelled their horse racing today due to heavy rain.

What time does Woodbine Racetrack start today?

A: This will vary for each day. Please visit the Woodbine Racetrack website and check out their schedule for times of events, and opening and closing hours.

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