As we get closer to the beginning of the 2015 federal election campaign, we can expect many promises to be made. With the economy in a state of flux, there is a lot of pressure to keep the Canadian economy in a healthy state. Since the start of the year, Canada has been faced with a number of economic challenges, including a low GDP growth, a slow pace of job creation, and an increase in the unemployment rate. The economy is also facing a number of setbacks, such as the loss of three major banks and other financial institutions, the closure of a major nuclear reactor, and the loss of a major coal plant.

Once upon a time, people gambled on the horses and the roulette wheels, but pokerviolence has caused the industry to grow substantially. Now, people are betting on a wide variety of games, including sports, slots, blackjack, bingo, and more. The problem is that there is little regulation in Canada about online gaming. As a result, anyone can set up a gambling site and get a license from the federal government. This means that there is no licensing requirements for casinos that operate online, which means that you can easily find a site with fake odds and more and more people are taking note of it.

Ontario MPP John Hastings (Liberal) has begun the process of pushing a bill through the legislature that would make it illegal for cardrooms and casinos to “disadvantage” players for their gender or marital status.. Read more about bill c-218 update and let us know what you think.

Because the single-sports betting legislation is still in the works, some Canadian politicians are becoming antsy. Brian Masse, the Member of Parliament for Windsor West, has asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to set a timetable for Bill C-218 to be introduced into law and for provinces to begin implementing the new program.


By changing the Criminal Code of Canada, Bill C-218, commonly known as the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act, would remove the ban on individual game sports betting. Single-sport wagering is now only permitted when betting on horse racing; but, with the new law, sports and gambling enthusiasts will be able to gamble on their favorite sport.

a formal request


On Monday, Mr. Masse submitted his letter of request to Mr. Trudeau’s office. According to the letter, the MP for Windsor West is pleading with the Prime Minister to enact the legislation on the same day it was delivered. Mr. Masse argues in the letter that there is no need to postpone the law any longer since the reform is long overdue.

According to the MP, the country has overwhelmingly supported the casino expansion, with the gaming industry, law enforcement agencies, sports groups and leagues, unions, first nations, municipalities, and provinces all supporting it. The measure was approved by the Canadian Senate on June 22, 2021, and it was given Royal Assent a week later, but it has not yet become law.

Mr. Masse stated in his letter to the Prime Minister that the law will create a regulated sports betting market and ensure that the proceeds are utilized to fund communities throughout the nation rather than going to illicit gaming operations. He went on to say that every day that passes is another chance for organized crime.

Mr. Masse went on to add in the letter that provinces are likewise anxious to provide the new gaming product, but that owing to the delay, jurisdictions are presently unable to complete their laws. Casinos like as Caesars Windsor, he claims, are waiting for the bill to become law before completing their implementation plans, which will impact their offers and employment development.

Provinces are eager to get started.

One of the provinces that is eager to launch its single-sports betting offerings is Alberta. Last week, acting President and CEO of the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Commission – Kandice Machado stated that she is looking forward to seeing the bill come into play. She explained that their Play Alberta platform should be ready to offer the new betting opportunity later this year.

Ontario is also keeping a close eye on the developments around the country’s single-event wagering future. The province’s largest city is hoping for a quick rollout of the new services. Duncan Hannay, the CEO of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, said that the government would ensure that the new product is available before the start of the 2017 NFL season.

“Brian Masse pushes for single-event sports betting legislation to take effect ‘today,” Windsor Star, August 9, 2021.

On Wednesday, the House of Commons passed a bill to allow casino gambling in Ontario. There is much to be discussed about this bill, including how it will impact provincial and local governments, the revenue it will generate, the potential impact on organized crime and the potential impacts on individual citizens.. Read more about bill c-218 passed and let us know what you think.

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