The NFL is trying to expand its presence in the digital realm, and it’s using blockchain for a new initiative. The league wants all of its games on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Twitter so fans can watch from home. Meanwhile, other leagues are also getting into this space with mixed results.

The “Yellowstone” is a new TV show that is coming to CBS. The show will be about the people who run the most popular casino in Wyoming and how they deal with issues surrounding their business.

TV to Super Bowl to 'Yellowstone' & More

Poker has a long history in popular culture. The game has been included in films, television shows, and just about every other media you can think of. The game has taken center stage in a variety of ways during the previous several weeks. 

Phil Hellmuth, the 16-time World Series of Poker winner, made a career change in February. In addition, a Hollywood celebrity has contributed his name to a WSOP advertising.

Poker was even played during the Super Bowl. Here’s a look at how poker has lately been incorporated into some intriguing situations.



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The Poker Brat competes in a cornhole tournament.  

On Super Bowl weekend, Hellmuth contributed his name to a special celebrity tournament for the American Cornhole League on Feb. 11. Celebrities were matched with cornhole professionals in “Superhole III,” which broadcast on ESPN from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

The competition was scheduled to take place over Super Bowl weekend. How did the Poker Brat do with the bags compared to his cards and chips?

“I’m one of the finest in the world on one hand, and a rank amateur on the other,” Hellmuth told USPoker. “I’ve played like twice in my life!” he said. “I’m not very good.”

Despite his terrible prognosis, Hellmuth displayed some impressive bag skills. He and his teammate Cody Henderson made it all the way to the final after advancing from the first round.

In the finals, though, retired NFL running back Terry Kirby and professional cornhole player Rosie Streker knocked them out. The “poker brat” character didn’t make an appearance, but things may change when Hellmuth returns to the World Series of Poker this summer.

A little snippet from yesterday night’s @ESPN program. Note from the wifeys: we have a lovely home. Note to self: I need to lose weight! Playing Corn Hole LIVE on ESPN was a blast, and I had a fantastic time: it helps to have a nice partner (Cody Henderson) #POSITIVITY

February 13, 2022 — phil hellmuth (@phil hellmuth)

The World Series of Poker has made its way to Hollywood.

TV-to-Super-Bowl-to-Yellowstone-MoreThe WSOP seems to be gearing up for a larger year in 2022, with two Hollywood stars set to make appearances as part of the event. Laurence Fishburne, well known for his roles in “Boyz in the Hood” and “Matrix,” has partnered with the company’s free-to-play social poker game.

In a new ad for Playtika, WSOP’s social gaming partner, the acting legend appears. Fishburne tells the narrative of internet poker player “StanDaMan” in the ad, which is titled “The Legend of World Series of Poker.” Stan’s ultimate objective, like that of most players, is to win a championship bracelet.

In a press release, Fuishburne commented, “It was a very exciting opportunity to join the project.” “It seemed to me that I needed to be a part of it.”

“I’m aware of the World Series of Poker and am captivated by the gamesmanship involved. I’m ecstatic to be a part of this game, and I hope people like my participation and find it enjoyable!”

This isn’t the first time a famous actor has been connected to the WSOP. Actor and comedian Vince Vaughan will serve as ambassador and master of ceremonies for the WSOP’s move to the Las Vegas Strip.

“I have such a deep connection to Las Vegas and am pleased to be picked as the master of ceremonies for what is shaping out to be the most anticipated WSOP event ever,” Vaughn said in November when the tournament was announced. “Poker has always been one of my favorite sports, so being a part of something as historic as the WSOP’s move to the Strip is a dream come true.” “Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!”



On the Dutton Ranch in ‘Yellowstone,’ there’s poker.

Speaking of Hollywood, no discussion about poker in popular culture would be complete without a mention of one of the most popular TV series. Since its release in 2018, “Yellowstone” has been a certified hit.

Kevin Costner plays John Dutton, the owner of a Montana ranch that has been passed down through the generations. Dutton is up against a slew of foes competing for possession of his property.

Dutton isn’t scared to go beyond the law to retain the property in his family. In the West, the program is a mix of “Dallas” and “The Sopranos.”

Poker is used on occasion, much as it was in the Old West. In the bunkhouse, these cowboys often whip out the cards and chips for a round of poker.

 In one episode, “Cowboy poker” is also shown. Four bullfighters (previously known as rodeo clowns) sit at a table as though playing a game of cards in this renowned rodeo event.

The action is then intensified by the unleashing of an enraged bull. The bull assaults the table, throwing cards everywhere as the game is “interrupted.”

The winner of this poker game is the last player standing before quitting out. Although this isn’t true poker, folding keeps a player alive. Here’s a glance at what’s going on.





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Ring games, tournaments, and SNGs in Texas Hold’em

Possibility of Winning Cash Prizes

In the Super Bowl, poker is played.

This year’s Super Bowl had a poker segment. The huge event included a little poker, since the marketing firm Rakuten paid a lot of money to be a part of it.

Hannah Waddingham, star of “Ted Lasso,” is featured in the commercial in a high-stakes game with a twist. With some of her purchases made using the company’s shopping app, she’s betting big.

The action heats up, from high heels to a robot vacuum. It’s a humorous ad and a rare poker pop culture reference that focuses mostly on female players. Take a peek. 



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