The New Pickering casino resort is proposed as a new casino in Ontario, Canada. This casino will open approximately twenty minutes from the city of Pickering, Ontario, and will be located on the lands of the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation. The Six Nations are a sovereign, self-governing nation with over 6,000 members in over 600 band governments. While there are other First Nations Nations in Ontario, the Six Nations of the Grand River are the largest in population, land area, and annual income.

When the Chumuckla tribe of the Cherokee nation in Oklahoma voted to build a casino in Southeast Oklahoma in 2008, it was seen as a way for the tribe to finance a new $30 million school for its members, and provide employment opportunities for its members. The Chumuckla tribe, which is a major landowner in the region, called it a way to help its people, while the surrounding communities saw it as an unnecessary expansion of gambling.

The Pickering Casino Resort, which proposes to build a casino in Pickering, Ontario is in a lot of trouble. First, the Ontario government only recently approved a casino license for Pickering. Secondly, it was recently revealed that the economic reality for the casino has changed. In other words, what was supposed to be a $500 million investment to pick up the town of Pickering is now projected to be over $1 billion.

Pickering Casino Resort has been a hot subject for the last several years, but much more so in recent days, since its first phase was just approved. The casino resort opened its doors to its first gaming customers over the weekend, but it also managed to create a stir with its debut. The Scugog Island’s Mississaugas have voiced their dissatisfaction once again.


The Indigenous operator of Scugog Island’s Great Blue Heron Casino has said unequivocally that the opening of this new casino resort basically violates a prior agreement with the provincial government. Its goal was to limit the number of gambling hotspots in the Durham area, in particular, in order to preserve the tribal gaming complex that was already in existence.

Mississaugas of Scugog Island


Tribal gaming operations offer Indigenous communities with a means of self-sufficiency as well as a variety of initiatives aimed at helping them flourish. The Great Blue Heron Casino in Point Perry is one of the area’s most prestigious gambling establishments. The gaming hall was originally established by the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation in 1997, and its daily work has only increased since then. Expansion is also a possibility.

The tribal nation has now taken it upon itself to publicize a prior arrangement with Premier Doug Ford. The tribal gaming venue’s business must not be endangered as a result of additional casino sites being constructed nearby, according to the agreement. The distance between Great Blue Heron Casino and the newly opened Pickering Casino Resort is approximately 60 kilometers, but the Indigenous group believes that this is still too near for their taste and the agreement.

Premier Ford has once again trampled on previously signed agreements in order to accomplish his political objectives, according to Chief Kelly LaRocca. In 2018, the provincial government approved a set of rules that allowed Pickering Casino Resort, then known as Durham Live, to open.

Prior Arrangements

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation has been working on the casino resort’s smooth opening ever since. The gambling assets in the Greater Toronto Area were successfully acquired by the casino operator and Brookfield Business Partners. Through a CA$170 million transition and asset acquisition deal with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, the two businesses formally took over the day-to-day operations and assets of OLG Slots at Woodbine Racetrack, OLG Slots at Ajax Downs, and Great Blue Heron Casino.

The discussion of expanding the Great Blue Heron Casino began in 2018. The casino operator is prepared to invest up to CA$700 million in the expansion of all three properties. A hotel and a 500-seat entertainment facility for live musical performances may be built in the tribal compound. The casino venue was also expanded by 20,000 square feet as part of the development. A larger variety of table games, as well as premium slot machines, will be available to players.

Glenn Hendry, Glenn Hendry, Glenn Hendry, Glenn Hendry, Glen, July 26, 2021, “Blue Heron operators claim Durham Live casino proposal in Pickering “violates contractual agreements” with First Nations band,”

The Pickering tribe of the Anishinaabe First Nation is opposed to a new casino resort that would be built in the area, and they are openly telling the public that they oppose the project, and they have the support of many other surrounding First Nations.. Read more about durham live casino opening and let us know what you think.

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