Sudbury Downs is a casino that’s located in Grafton, Massachusetts, U.S., (near Framingham) and was originally opened in 1977. Sudbury Downs is a Class II gaming establishment, which means that it has a slot machine parlour, and has a prohibition against off-track betting. The Sudbury Downs Casino has various games to play, including poker, blackjack, and roulette, and you can even play a game called video poker at the Sudbury Downs Casino.

Sudbury Downs, a gambling venue in Canada, has been involved in a local argument. The issue is exactly what gambling venues should be taken advantage of. Should they be taken advantage of since the gambling venues are government-owned? Or should they not be taken advantage of since the gambling venues are owned by private individuals?

Sudbury Downs Involved in a Local Argument

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation’s assessment of the grounds where the old Sudbury Downs was situated has angered the city of Greater Sudbury. That is why the municipality has filed an appeal with the Assessment Review Board, alleging that the lands are worth CA$8.2 million, rather than the MPAC’s estimate of CA$2.3 million.


The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation is the provincial body that is responsible for determining the value of a parcel, for the purpose of property taxes. Recently, the entity assessed the former site of Sudbury Down, which is now partially occupied by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment to be worth around CA$2.3, however, the city does not agree with the evaluation.

Valuation Disparity Is Huge


The MPAC assessment for the abovementioned property for the January 1 base year was $2,309,000, with $2,045,900 being commercial property class and $263,100 being residential property class. The municipality, on the other hand, has filed an appeal, claiming that the lands’ restored value is too low. The lands are valued at $8,214,000 by the city, including $4,031,000 in commercial property and $4,183,000 in residential property.

In addition, the city has inquired for additional paperwork and information from the property’s owner, MacRanald Enterprises Inc. The owner, on the other hand, was opposed to the appeal and was considering rejecting the motion on the grounds that the issue had been brought up much too late and that there were no special circumstances justifying a delay in the timetable of events.

The city replied by claiming that this is the third time it has attempted to reject the appeals in question. The owner’s earlier attempts to dismiss were denied by the board on March 4 and March 16, according to board records. The municipality also asks the board to issue a costs order against the owner, claiming that the owner is rehashing his dismissal requests.

Additional disclosures, including as more information on the leasing agreement between MacRanald Enterprises Inc. and Gateway Casinos, have been requested by municipal authorities. In the end, the request was granted. The business has been required to submit all lease information from 2014 to current date, including bump-ups and/or sub-leases, as well as lease data for the property’s tenants.

The firm must also reveal all assessments and studies used to arrive at the 2016 current value estimate of the lands, according to the review board. In addition, the board has given the business three weeks to turn over any papers, documents, reports, studies, or other information related to the CVA decision for the taxation years 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Center for Events

Another hotly debated issue in Greater Sudbury is the city’s ongoing building of a new event center. There was much debate about whether the arena should be built as part of the Kingsway District Entertainment or if it should just be renovated. Patrick Crowe has started an internet petition to include the issue as a referendum in the 2022 municipal elections. Over 700 Sudbury residents have voted in favor of renovating the aging Sudbury Community Arena.

However, Greater Sudbury Ward 5 councillor Robert Kirwan provided clarity on the circulating online petition and its effect last week. Mr. Kirwan believes that the issue will almost certainly not go to a vote since the city council has already chosen the KED site, and that if the topic were to go to a referendum, it would have occurred years ago.

The Sudbury Star, August 2, 2021, Mary Keown, “City in fight over value of Sudbury Downs property.”

Sudbury Downs has been a familiar place in the city’s heart for over 100 years. It is also home to more than 100 different lovebirds, most of which have a fair idea of what their future will bring. But not all lovebirds will find happiness.. Read more about kingsway entertainment district and let us know what you think.

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