Sudbury Poker and Casino has denied accusations that it is hiding its costs, as reported by the Sudbury Star. The company claims there’s a misunderstanding about how KEDs work in Canada.

The Sudbury gaming commission has denied the allegations that it is hiding costs. The commission says there was no hidden information and the report is false. Read more in detail here: ked sudbury news.

Wendy Watson, a spokesman for Greater Sudbury Utilities, has responded to allegations that the City of Greater Sudbury has been concealing CA$14 million in expenditures related to the Kingsway Entertainment District. Last week, the accusations surfaced on Facebook and a website called Sudbury Questions, but she vehemently denied the charges.


The Kingsway Entertainment District project has been a major issue of debate in the city, since it has been dogged by controversy and legal challenges since its approval. The project will be built on the outskirts of the city after the municipal council approved it in the summer. It would include a hockey arena, a casino, and a hotel.

” Patently Incorrect” is a phrase used to describe anything that is clearly incorrect.


Ms. Watson said that concealing the KED expenses claims is clearly inappropriate, and that the website was making serious charges of corruption. The city has disguised roughly CA$14 million in capital expenditures related to KED in the Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc. budget, according to the Sudbury Questions website.

Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc. also planned to raise consumer billing prices, according to the website. The CA$14 million outlay is in addition to the entertainment center’s previously disclosed costs. Furthermore, according to the website, Greater Sudbury Utilities petitioned to the Ontario Energy Board for a rate increase for people in a designated catchment area.

Ms. Watson said that although the city is a stakeholder in the hydro company, it has no influence over how the money is used, and that the work that GSU has planned would go through even if the KED does not materialize. She further claimed that Ward 1 Councilman Mark Signoretti, a staunch opponent of the idea, would refuse to include KED-related spending in the GSU budget.

Mr. Signoretti has also spoken out on the subject, stating that the KED money being hidden in the budget is just not true. He also said that as a vocal opponent of the KED, he would have made his feelings known if the money had been included in the budget and would have addressed it sooner. GSU is required to treat every partner or customer equally, according to the councillor, and those participating in the KED will be handled accordingly.

It’s time to lay the foundation.

At a council meeting in September, all members voted in favor of allowing groundwork to begin at the KED site. The council subsequently voted 7 to 6 in support of the site preparation work, and Bot Engineering & Construction Ltd. will be assigned the project, which is slated to begin by the end of November.

I’m pleading for a written commitment.

Ward 4 Coun. Geoff McCausland highlighted his worry about the absence of formal commitment from the KED project’s participants at the beginning of October. The councillors even presented a resolution to the municipal council requesting that all parties involved negotiate reciprocal agreements. The councilman believes the city should proceed with caution since there are no formal agreements between the city and Gateway Casinos & Entertainment.

The Sault Star, Mary Keown, “Allegation city concealing KED expenses ‘patently wrong’,” October 30, 2021.

The “sudbury com covid” is a casino that has been accused of hiding the costs of their KED machines. The company denies these allegations and says that they have always been transparent with their customers.

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