In an effort to improve the city of Sudbury, Ontario’s gaming industry, the Sudbury Economic Development Corporation (SUDC) is offering a new incentive for gaming operators.

The Greater Sudbury District School Board (GSDSB) has released the latest results of the KED (Kids Educational Development) survey (KED Survey) which is conducted every two years for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness of the education system. The latest results show that Sudbury schools continue to perform well in the highest level of schools in Ontario. The KED Survey has consistently ranked schools in Sudbury in the top four percentile of schools in the Province.

Last week, the Sudbury and District Council shared their latest KED output with the public. The report was long and detailed, and although it was not as flashy as the last few, the numbers still showed an improvement in the amount of money being spent. KED’s numbers always fluctuate, as the businesses they count on aren’t the same as they were a few years ago, but we can still take some comfort in knowing that we’re on the right track and that we’re continuing to work on the issues that matter to the people of Sudbury and the Sudbury and District Council.

The proposal for the Kingsway Entertainment District is still a heated issue in Greater Sudbury. Last week, council members were invited to give their most recent views on the project and their plans for the future, since the planned new event center project at the site will now go forward. The grand opening is scheduled for 2024.


The KED location was chosen by the City Council in 2017, but the project has encountered many legal challenges and delays since then. Some residents have also expressed a desire to see the downtown arena restored rather than a new one built on the outskirts of town, which would be more difficult for everyone to reach. The plan’s talks are still going on today.

So, what’s next?


Ward 1 Councillor Mark Signoretti voiced his reservations about the KED site since the proposed arena will be close to the Sudbury Landfill Site. He even stated that moving through with the project would be the city’s worst error ever. The council will be informed on the project again next month and will address certain issues such as timing.

Mr. Signoretti also said that the City of Greater Sudbury should provide additional information about the project with both council and the public as the next step. He stated that he does not endorse the previous PricewaterhouseCoopers report since it did not address all of the councillors’ concerns, leaving them with insufficient information to make an educated choice.

Ward 2 Councilman The KED proposal, according to Michael Vagnini, should be placed on hold until the unusual crisis has passed. Given the current state of the economy, he believes the city should prioritize smaller initiatives. Gerry Gerry Gerry Gerry Gerry Gerry Gerry Gerry Gerry Gerry Ger Montpellier wants the KED project postponed until the end of this or the next council, when all the facts are known.

Ward 4 Coun. Geoff McCausland thinks the KED site should be reconsidered, since he believes it is a huge mistake. Ward 5 Councilman Robert Kirwan, Ward 7 Councilman Mike Jakubo, Ward 8 Councilman Al Sizer, Ward 11 Councilman Bill Leduc, and Ward 12 Councilwoman Jocelyne Landry-Altmann all support the proposal. And none of the other members had anything to say.

Patrick Crowe’s anti-KED internet petition gained even more traction at the end of August, with over 2,300 people signing it. Mr. Crowe and other people think that the planned KED site for the new center would be difficult to reach for most residents and unsustainable. The anti-petition was challenged by a petition in favor of the selected site, although the latter only received 120 signatures.

In addition, the new arena hall has run into yet another legal snag, as the non-profit Minnow Lake Restoration Group has filed a judicial court review request with Ontario’s divisional court. Eric Gillespie, the organization’s lawyer, claims that the city council overlooked certain key facts while debating the proposal, and that if further information is given, the final decision may be different.

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