Online gambling has come a long way since its inception. To start off, we are in the middle of a very interesting time in the history of this industry. A picture is worth a thousand words, so let me paint a picture for you. It’s a time of high-level competition and innovation. There are tons of major international operators, many with their own proprietary casino and poker sites. The industry is in the midst of an incredible expansion. It is still dominated by the American operators such as William Hill, Station Casinos, Caesars Entertainment and the like, but it is also seeing a lot of innovation from Canadian companies like Intertops, Betfair, and Pokerstars. The industry is also very competitive.

Canada is not a popular destination for gambling enthusiasts. The top two reasons cited by the people who gamble in Canada are “tired of casinos in the U.S.” and “low deposit requirements”. But the mobile gambling industry is hoping to change that with the launch of a new app.

While the gambling industry in Canada is still dominated by land-based gaming rooms, there is a new wave of gaming that is growing rapidly in popularity. Mobile gambling is one of those growing trends, with consumers turning to smartphones to play their favorite casino games.. Read more about gambling statistics 2021 and let us know what you think.

In 2021, mobile gaming will continue to grow in popularity in Canada.

Popularity Still Rising for Online Gambling in Canada in 2021We’ve seen a variety of fads and social crazes throughout history. They’ve influenced our lives in a variety of ways, including fashion, entertainment, and socializing. A craze, as you are well aware, does not last. It’s something that appears, enjoys a short burst of widespread popularity, and then goes away. Online gambling, which has been around for more than two decades, is obviously not a fleeting fad.

This is a business that arose in tandem with the widespread use of in-home internet connection. There were just a handful online gambling sites in the mid- to late-1990s. They had little to give, but just enough to satisfy the distant gamers’ increasing appetites. The downloads were very sluggish. The game menus were simple. It was, however, a novel and thrilling experience, bringing a bit of Las Vegas into the homes of anybody eager to try it.

The demand for internet casinos grew rapidly, as expected. Supply was eager to get in and help. Both supply and demand are still increasing two decades later.

In 2021, the popularity of mobile gambling in Canada will be high.

You’d think that after twenty years or so, society would have moved on to the ‘next big thing.’ But, as I have said, internet gambling has proven to be much more than a fleeting craze. Technology improves with each passing year. More games are being produced by software firms. More unique features are available on popular slot machines. To promote their goods, iGaming operators anticipate more engaging campaigns, as well as more attractive incentives and promotions.

When you consider the broader picture, it’s simple to understand why online gambling is continuing to grow in popularity. It’s just going to get better from here. It’s not simply the number of games available or their visual attractiveness. It’s all about safety, security, and trust, as well as knowing that a huge victory would result in money in the gamers’ bank account.

Security was a significant concern in the early days of online bingo, poker, and casino gambling. Technology couldn’t plug every gap in the system, and hackers were more than ready to search the internet for them. Furthermore, scammers lurked in every virtual shadow, waiting to pounce on the unwary. I’m not referring to the emails from some Nigerian exiled prince. Most of the time, it was the owners of online gambling sites that betrayed our confidence.

There were at least as many renegade operators as there were upright ones back then — if not more. It was almost difficult to discern the difference since the sector had little to no regulation. There was no one to turn to for assistance if you were sucker-punched.

Regulation is Crucial to iGaming’s Long-Term Success

In 2014, the United Kingdom – one of the world’s most significant iGaming regions — adopted comprehensive industry rules. Operators who wished to access that market were suddenly forced to get a license, pay taxes, and adhere to stringent guidelines. Categorical reputability meters were the final outcome. Any operator having a UK license and no problems with compliance was seen as reliable. Anyone else, well, you just had their reputation and longevity to go on.

Some other countries were persuaded to adopt the UK’s tight regulatory system by the UK’s strict regulatory regime. All of these tiny European countries — Malta, the Isle of Man, and Gibraltar – wanted their licensees to be treated with the same high regard. Instead of simple licenses, they developed extensive rules with player safeguards comparable to those found in the United Kingdom. Their licensees, on the other hand, have access to more than simply UK players. They have the potential to expand into any legal market, including Canada.

While all of this was happening on, Canada’s government was trying to create its own iGaming industry. Regulations were enacted province by province, and iGaming websites were approved. They did, however, opt for the ring-fenced, government-monopoly model. Only BC, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec participated in the operation, which was limited to one per province.

Today, almost every province has its own online gambling portal, but the single-site-monopoly remains intact. Fortunately for Canadians, choice is not prohibited. Those internationally regulated gambling websites are perfectly legal to access. They always have been. And if failed attempts by provincial governments to block access to them are any measure, they always will be.

Acceptance is increasing both at home and abroad.

Canada has been happy to maintain the status quo for years. There was a very fine line between what was lawful and what wasn’t when it came to gambling amusements. One of the most well-known was the long-standing ban on single-event sports betting. It was acceptable to wager on several events, a strategy known as “parlay betting.” But to stake a single bet on a single sports event’s outcome? That was completely against the law.

It was, at the very least, illegal in Canada. There was no legislation prohibiting Canadians from gaining access to such internationally licensed online sportsbooks and making whatever bets they desired. And this was creating a major issue. On offshore betting websites, Canadians bet an estimated $14 billion dollars. That’s a lot of activity that our federal government was missing out on.

It took almost a decade to persuade enough lawmakers that a change was required. Protect the players, and the money will be safe. It was a win-win situation. In early 2021, the House and Senate were finally on the same page. With the passage of legislation allowing single-event betting, most Canadians will be able to access the same online gambling genres that are regulated both at home and overseas.

Predicting the Future of Online Casinos in Canada

We can readily anticipate that gambling will continue to grow in popularity based on data alone. The desire for sports betting rules to be changed was sufficient proof. Years of research have regularly shown a high prevalence of gambling among Canada’s legal-age men and women, with males leaning more towards sports and women leaning more toward slot machines. That’s without accounting for the massive rise in iGaming activity since March 2020.

As health hazards diminish, individuals are getting more used to enjoying online activities, even those that they previously preferred in person. Simultaneously, mobile gaming’s accessibility is moving from a contemporary convenience to a social standard. The simple conclusion is that mobile gaming will continue to grow in popularity in Canada in 2021 and beyond.

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The popularity of mobile gambling in Canada is on the rise, according to the online gambling industry. Nearly half of gamblers in the country use their phones to gamble online or via their televisions, according to a study by Ipsos-Reid. The proportion of Canadians who use mobile devices to gamble grew from 24 percent in 2011 to 43 percent in 2015.. Read more about australian gambling statistics 2020 and let us know what you think.

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