The movie “Rounders” is a poker movie based on a real life story of a card counter named “Mike McDermott” who was a real life counter to a cheater named “Larry Flynt” who was a real life gambler. Both men were taken down by the FBI and both men have made their names as “poker legends”. The movie is based on the real life story of a book written by “Michael Daley” which was about those events. The book “The Card Counter” is a poker book that was written by “Matt Damon” which was a fictionalized version of a real life story about that card counter.

It may not be the thought that counts, but the “little things” that add up to a big score.   In a new film, a Norwegian mathematician and a U.S. computer programmer share a passion for a game called “Poker,” and prove that it can be both a fascinating puzzle and a high-stakes gamble for some players.

This week, as many as a dozen Hollywood celebrities will gather in Las Vegas to sit down at poker tables and compete for a $1 million prize in a poker tournament co-starring “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier. The tournament, held by the World Poker Tour, is the first-ever celebrity poker tournament, featuring a number of notable celebrities, including comedian Jeff Foxworthy and football players Tiki Barber and Deion Sanders. The tournament, which runs from July 26-28, is being marketed as a way for celebrities to give back to the community by raising money for charity.

Hollywood often revisits poker as a background for films because of the high stakes, intrigue, and intriguing people. This week, The Card Counter joins the fray, with the game once again playing a pivotal role.

The World Series of Poker brand is featured in the film, in addition to the activity at the tables, which includes some Blackjack card counting. The WSOP Circuit is a big element of writer and director Paul Schrader’s new film, even though betting and bluffing aren’t the main emphasis. He recently talked with USPoker about the film and his personal poker and gambling experiences.




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Poker is making a comeback on the big screen.

Oscar Isaac portrays William Tell in the film The Card Counter. He goes from casino to casino counting cards at Blackjack tables and also plays poker.

Tell is a former special operations soldier who served in Iraq and was sentenced to jail for his actions. Those atrocities gnaw away at him, and he’s always looking for some sort of release.

Poker and card counting have become regular, a method for him to pass the time while also punishing himself. Tell eventually finds solace in the shape of a surrogate family in the form of his supporter La Linda (Tiffany Haddish) and the adolescent Cirk (Tye Sheridan).

After his military father’s death, Cork is looking for purpose, and Tell takes him under his wing. Major John Gordo, who oversaw the black operations program for which Tell spent time in jail, is also played by Willem Dafoe.

Martin Scorsese, who previously worked with Schrader on Taxi Driver, is the executive producer of Card Counter. Fans of poker will enjoy a video that brings the tournament grind front and center. However, as Tell searches for a means to absolve himself of his own guilt, redemption becomes a major subject.

Poker-Earns-Hollywood-Treatment-With-Release-of-%E2%80%98The-Card-CounterOscar Isaac (left) and Paul Schrader (right) on the set of The Card Counter. (Focus Features provided the images)

Using the poker world as a backdrop

Fans of film should be familiar with Schrader’s work. He wrote the screenplays for films like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and a slew of others. He’s also directed a number of films and, in his most recent picture, he plays both parts.

The Card Counter, like previous Schrader films, is about a guy who hides behind a veil. He’s there, but not really present. Tell may be a poker player, but his profession serves only to conceal his true identity.

What drew Schrader to poker and casino gambling as a means of narrating his story?

He explains, “The metaphor of it all and the fact that people don’t think about gamblers in this manner.” “I’m going back all the way to Taxi Driver. Taxi drivers are often stereotyped as chatty, pleasant, and talkative characters.

“When I looked at them, all I saw was a deep dark pit that had been created for them. You had someone festering in a yellow box for 60 hours a week. As a result, you might use a mataphor for a different reason. There are no poker players like William Tell, just as there are no taxi drivers like Travis Bickle. He’s a made-up character.”

A setting for filmic action

Joe Stapleton, a poker player, comedian, and pundit, acted as a consultant to help make the poker scenes more genuine. Schrader viewed poker as a game with some intriguing characteristics.

“I compare these men who play poker for 10 or 12 hours a day to those who sit in front of a slot machine,” he adds. “And they’re crunching the numbers, crunching the statistics, waiting for that hand when two players believe they can win and are both well-funded, and boom – the game springs to life. The journey might have taken two or three hours.

“This kind of half-life, this kind of purgatory, has always intrigued me. It’s a rather mind-numbing job. It may be very pleasant, but it also has a numbing effect, which is exactly what I was hoping for.”



William Tell believes he has not been sufficiently punished, and his humdrum poker and casino life becomes a part of that. 

“Going from mid-level casino to mid-level casino,” Schrader adds, “is sort of a non-life.”

Before embarking on this kind of character study, the writer/director avoids doing too much research. The occupation is secondary to Schrader, who uses it as a vehicle to tell the true narrative.

He says he doesn’t want a poker player to glance at the screen and think, “Hey, that’s my life.” “No, this isn’t your life; it’s something I made up. That is not at all how your life is. That is, in my opinion, the poker of occupational metaphor.”




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Schrader’s personal poker history1631032931_332_Poker-Earns-Hollywood-Treatment-With-Release-of-%E2%80%98The-Card-Counter

While poker may be used to create personalities, Shrader has played before. When he resided in Los Angeles, he loved going to the renowned Gardena poker clubs.

“I had a lot of fun with it, and then I began traveling to Vegas, where I started blowing my budget,” he adds. “I was seated at a table and said, ‘If I could take everything, take my home, right now, I’d put it on the spot.’

“Then I realized, ‘Wait, you don’t want to take those sorts of risks in your life.’ If the only thing that gives you adrenaline is losing everything, you should think twice about playing poker since it’s a monster that can only be nourished by losing.’

Schrader did not abandon the game, but he did refrain from playing at casinos. Card Counter, on the other hand, was filmed at lesser casinos away from the dazzling lights of Las Vegas.

He explains, “We were basically on the Redneck Riviera, which is the stretch from the Gulf Coast to Pensacola (Florida).” “The main issue isn’t making a casino seem genuine since they all look the same. Making a casino seem appealing is a major challenge.

“We spent most of our time at the Imperial Palace in Biloxi before branching out. The casino employees were very kind to us.”

Stapleton assisted the filmmakers in obtaining permission to utilize WSOP logos in the film. When Schrader visited a casino, he liked hitting the roulette tables in addition to poker. His logic seems to be appropriate for a deep-thinking screenplay and director.

He adds, “I enjoy the variety of variables.” “It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing one spot, two spots, four spots, six spots, eight spots, or various colors. I like experimenting.”

The Card Counter, a Focus Films production, will be released in cinemas on September 10th.

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