The CEO of PointsBet, a UK-based online gambling company, has sent out an email warning its competitors that it is “not too late to join the party.”

The minty bets is a warning sent out by the CEO of PointsBet, one of the leading online gambling companies in Australia.

PointsBet Canada’s current CEO, Scott Vanderwel, is bullish about the company’s prospects of success in the newly legalized sports betting industry in Canada. The business is more than well-positioned and equipped, according to the CEO, to take on rivals like as theScore when it comes to the country’s debut.


He formerly ran the company’s strategy office and worked with Rogers Media president Keith Pelley, thus the CEO has plenty of expertise. In a remarkable CA$5.2 billion transaction, Mr. Vanderwel assisted the business in acquiring the rights to broadcast NHL games in Canada. He’ll now have to apply his knowledge to Canada’s competitive sports betting industry.

Prepared for the Challenge


By the end of the year, PointsBet Canada will be well-prepared for Canada’s single-sport betting market as well as Ontario’s open internet gaming market for private operators. In addition to Mr. Vanderwel, the firm has hired Nic Sulsky, a gaming and fantasy sports expert, and Dale Fallon, a digital product director for Rogers Sportsnet.

Due to strong competition from big-name gambling operators in Ontario, Macquarie analyst Chad Beynon thinks theScore will have a difficult time establishing itself in the local marketplaces. The province will be the first in the nation to establish an open market for industrial operators, which will begin in December. Other provinces are likely to follow in the footsteps of Alberta.

According to Mr. Vanderwel, theScore is a terrific media business that is now learning to be a great sports organization. However, he said that he believes in his own company’s goods and is ready to compete with them. He stated that there would be five to eight businesses with established brands and awareness in most countries, with PointsBet being one of them.

Mr. Vanderwel stated that any possible partnerships between Rogers Communications and the gaming business would be conjecture based on his excellent connection with them. He also thinks the new market has a lot of potential for the business, and that there’s a chance to build connections and engage Canadian fans.


Mr. Sulsky, a gaming veteran, was recruited to the role of chief commercial officer by PointsBet in June in order to prepare for the legalization of single-sports betting and the country’s upcoming gaming growth. He has an impressive background, having previously served as the president of Monkey Knife Fight, the third-largest daily fantasy sports operator in the United States. He’s also a co-founder of the fantasy gaming site InGamer.

It’s official now.

When Bill C-218 was signed into law by the Canadian federal government, the single-sport betting option became a reality. The bill, which was previously approved by the Senate, modifies the Criminal Code to eliminate the ban on individual sports betting. The bill was signed into law on August 28, 2021, and now the provinces must draft their own rules for how the offering would operate.

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