Ontario has started the process of applying for a casino license, becoming the first province to do so. The province is currently considering two proposals from MGM and Caesars Entertainment, which are both vying for the same license.

Ontario, Canada has started the application process for iGaming applications. The process will be open to online and land-based casinos that meet certain criteria. Read more in detail here: where is ontario canada.

The Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission has begun accepting applications from operators and suppliers interested in participating in the province’s new and regulated iGaming industry. Candidates who plan to submit their licensing applications after September 13, 2021. Before the end of the year, the province will begin issuing permits.


By the end of the year, Ontario’s new and regulated iGaming industry should be up and running, allowing third-party operators and gaming-related providers to compete in a competitive market. The newly established Ontario iGaming will supervise and administer the new gambling services. The OLG will continue to handle online gambling goods, but the new organization will not.

Applications are now being accepted.


Participants, including as operators and game suppliers, must be registered with the AGCO under the Gaming Control Act of 1992 in order to engage in the open market. Companies will be required to submit entity-level disclosure, which includes information and supporting paperwork, as well as personal disclosure, which includes information and supporting documents for important people, in their applications.

Operators will be required to register each of the online portals that they manage. Suppliers that successfully register will be allowed to offer gaming-related goods and services to both online and land-based gaming sectors. There will be extra contact information for providers that already have a gaming-related registration and plan to provide content and services to the iGaming industry.

Gaming operators would also have to pay a CA$100,000 yearly charge for each gaming facility they manage. They will also have the option of choosing between a one-year or two-year license, thus setting the payment price. Operators must also cover expenses associated with the investigation, such as the processing of their applications.

The fees will be divided between gaming equipment developers and all other types of gaming providers. Manufacturers must pay a yearly fee of CA$15,000, and providers of gaming-related equipment and services must pay a yearly fee of C$3,000. The supplier, like the operators, has the option of signing a one-year or two-year contract.

iGaming Ontario

With the legalization of single-sport betting, iGaming Ontario will be charged with monitoring and administering the new online regulated market, which is expected to attract a lot of interest from operators. The new organization will be a subsidiary of the AGCO, but it will function independently, with its own staff and board of directors. In addition, later this year, the organization will evaluate and issue licenses to operators.

Results from the First Week

Ontario’s gambling industry is presently seeing a surge in betting activity, thanks to the province’s recent introduction of regulated single-sports betting through the PROLINE+ internet sportsbook. For the first week of the new law allowing singles betting, the new platform recorded a wagering total of CA$1 million. The new product accounted for more than 74% of overall betting volume.

“Welcome to iAGCO, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s online service delivery portal,” iAGCO, September 20, 2021.

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