Many poker players are wary of the recent movement in state laws that have banned online gambling. However, a few pro-gambling advocates say these bills will soon be overturned. What do you think?

The “federal online poker legislation” is a new bill that has been introduced to the US Senate. It would legalize and regulate online poker in all 50 states. Poker players are split on the issue with some supporting it, while others oppose it.

Online Poker Players Offer Their Views on Interstate Compacts

Many online poker players in the United States are optimistic about the year 2022, with additional states legalizing the game. States that participate into interstate compacts should also be highlighted.

It’s no secret that pooled liquidity would have a significant influence on the business, and USPoker examined the topic in depth last week. Several players have given their comments on the topic and what it may entail for the business this week.



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Ring games, tournaments, and SNGs in Texas Hold’em

Possibility of Winning Cash Prizes

Online poker in the United States has a lot of promise.

Since the COVID outbreak, the online poker business in the United States has witnessed significant revenue growth. Online poker is now allowed in the following states:

West Virginia and Connecticut have both legalized marijuana but have yet to begin selling it. now operates the country’s sole multi-state platform in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware alongside 888poker. Players on other sites compete in “ringed-in” situations, which means they compete against people from the same state.

Online-Poker-Players-Offer-Their-Views-on-Interstate-CompactsWhen interstate compacts are authorized, Darren Elias is working with partypoker US Network/BetMGM to be ready.

The population of licensed online poker states totals more than 41 million individuals. According to USPoker’s study from last week, this may push the whole US player pool into the top ten in the globe.

Interstate compacts might benefit individual platforms like as PokerStars,, and partypoker US Network (BetMGM/Borgata) Poker.

Darren Elias, a four-time World Poker Tour winner and ambassador for Partypoker US/BetMGM, sees a lot of promise in the US market. He’s working with the platform to ensure that when any interstate compacts are passed, he’ll be ready.

 “I believe that online poker in the United States has great potential,” he adds. “Players want to come back online and play in safe, regulated markets, but we’re still constrained by ring-fenced regulation for the time being.”

“The player pool will quickly rise as additional states are permitted and interstate compacts are finally created.” I’m now working with BetMGM to create the groundwork and prepare for the expansion when it arrives. I anticipate that online poker will once again be a prominent business in the United States, with BetMGM leading the push.”

Games, promotions, and more have been added.

1644291247_216_Online-Poker-Players-Offer-Their-Views-on-Interstate-CompactsGagliano, Michael

Simply beyond larger prize and player pools, much more could be in the works for players with an expanded market. Longtime New Jersey grinder Gagliano, Michael is also an ambassador for partypoker US and LearnWPT.

Gagliano has won over $2.3 million in live tournaments and is a mainstay on the online poker scene in the Garden State. Along with increased liquidity, he thinks interstate compacts would provide participants with additional benefits.

“With more players, sites can provide more game and marketing variety,” he explains. “I’d want to see more mixed games like HORSE and PLO variations,” says the author.

He claims that a more competitive atmosphere will only benefit gamers and diversify site offers.

In December, GGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu talked with regarding the game’s future in the United States. In the next years, he envisions the online game continuing to flourish, with present states providing as a model for others.

“Experiments are already taking place in places like Vegas and New Jersey, so people can see what’s going on and if it seems to be feasible and useful, it’ll simply happen that way — slowly.” I believe that individuals would be better off not worrying about a federal legislation since it would never happen — ever.”

Online poker meets Powerball.

Isaac “KingBoss93” Vasquez, a native of Reading, Pennsylvania, won the PokerStars PASCOOP Main Event for $46,410 in 2021. In the Keystone State, he earns a career by grinding it out online.

Isaac Vasquez, Isaac

According to him, adding pooled liquidity to authorized markets might help players by aligning prize pools and tournament dates. Players would no longer need to go to other series to check them out.

“I know folks who go from Jersey or Michigan (to Pennsylvania) during the series just because the odds are greater,” he adds. “That can be solved by a network of participants.”

Vasquez claims that combining various states makes winning important events much more significant. A player has conquered a greater field in a larger portion of the nation, rather than becoming a champion in just one state. 

“Maybe it’s not the same, but I don’t see why poker would be any different,” Vasquez adds, pointing to the fact that the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery games are played across state lines.

Any growth among nations would need game integrity, he says. It will take time to align rules, but it will be beneficial to site security.

“I know it’s simpler to maintain rules in place inside one state,” he adds, “so I can only image what it takes between states.” “For the players to play on, it needs to be dependable and secure.”

“If we’re talking about several states on a network or a site, it’s critical to make sure everything operates smoothly and without flaws. For folks who travel, having a single account that connects to the site regardless of where they are in the country would be ideal.”



Offer for a free $20 gold coin

PLUS if you have a verified account.

For $20, you may obtain a $40 gold coin offer.

Players from the United States are welcome.

Every day, just for logging in, you’ll get a FREE Sweeps Coin.

Ring games, tournaments, and SNGs in Texas Hold’em

Possibility of Winning Cash Prizes

The protection of the American market

Online-Poker-Players-Offer-Their-Views-on-Interstate-CompactsDan Lupo of New Jersey

Dan Lupo may only play part-time, but he’s had a lot of success in the New Jersey area. Lupo has a day job as an architect and a night one as an online poker pro.

Numerous PokerStars championships, three Online Circuit championship bracelets, and one WSOP online bracelet are among his achievements. He believes that the adoption of interstate compacts is beneficial not just to participants, but also to internet sites’ survival in the existing fragmented US market.

“To be honest, the fact that we still don’t have anything on a national level is a joke,” he adds. “I’m sure the poker sites would agree with the players: the fewer distinct markets they have to cater to, i.e. each state separately, the better each site can push marketing, game management, player demands, personnel, and so on.” 

Lupo also says that some fresh competition would be beneficial. Expanded player and prize pools, he thinks, will attract even more participants. This would simply add to the market’s expansion.

“A lot of guys, including myself, grow bored of playing against the same core set of players day in and day out,” he observes. “The higher guaranteed prize pools entice a lot of recreational players and part-time regulars to come out and play on a more consistent basis in multi-table tournaments.”

“I believe there is a lot of promise when expansion occurs; until then, I believe gamers have been consistently frustrated by the sluggish pace of the process.”

The “online poker market” is a new business that has been growing rapidly in recent years. States are starting to recognize the online poker market and have begun to pass interstate compacts.

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