The city of North Bay in Ontario is starting a campaign to reduce problem gambling by offering gamblers an alternative, less-addictive way of playing. The program would allow people addicted to online games or lotteries and other unscrupulous activities the opportunity for help.

The “300 pinewood park drive north bay” is a casino that has started its own problem gambling campaign. The campaign will be focused on the prevention of problem gambling and will have an educational component.

North Bay Starts Its Own Problem Gambling Campaign

Cascades Casino North Bay has finally opened its doors to the public this week, after a lengthy wait. In a new collaborative campaign called ‘Think You’ll Win?,’ the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit and the Community Counselling Centre of Nipissing have teamed to alert communities of the possible problems that might arise from gambling.


The two groups emphasized to residents that compulsive gambling problem is serious and that more individuals should be trained on how to bet for enjoyment only. Such dangerous behaviors may affect not just the person who is engaging in them, but also their family, friends, and even coworkers. The risk of such issues grows as such products become more widely available.

Educating the Community


The major goal of the ‘Think You’ll Win?’ campaign, according to Justine Mallah, a community health advocate with the North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit, is to educate communities on the chances of gambling. According to current study, players’ gambling misunderstandings and misperceptions are fairly widespread. She also pointed out that winning large in gambling is not as probable as one may think.

This program has been in the works for some years, according to the health advocate. However, with the opening of Cascades Casino North Bay and the rise of internet gambling in Ontario, it’s more critical than ever to spread the message and educate gamblers. Individuals who win large early on, according to her, are more likely to develop a gambling addiction because they anticipate to win much more.

Ms. Mallah further said that players should remember that the aim of gambling businesses is to earn money, which means that clients are more likely to lose than win in the long term. While Alan McQuarrie, executive director of the Nipissing Community Counselling Centre, said that gamblers are typically embarrassed of their dangerous behaviors and attempt to hide them.

Mr. McQuarrie went on to say that such concealment causes humiliation and even leads to people seeking to recoup their losses by playing additional games, so increasing their debts. Shame, he claims, is a major element in the problem, and it sometimes hinders individuals from getting treatment. Young guys, elderly, indigenous peoples, and those who have recently suffered loss are also more likely to fall into the ‘high-risk problem gambling’ group, according to him.

Online services are already having an impact.

Credit Canada said in November 2021 that since the commencement of the unusual scenario, an increasing number of individuals are suffering from compulsive gambling. According to Credit Canada’s counselors, a growing number of consumers are blaming internet gambling for their financial woes while seeking help from the organization. This is owing to the increasing availability of such services through various mobile devices.

Landmarks in New York also help to raise awareness.

Local groups such as the New York Council on Problem Gambling have joined this year’s Problem Gambling Awareness Month south of Ontario, in New York. This event takes place every March, and the Niagara Falls Convention Center and the Seneca One Building in downtown Buffalo have now joined the cause. On March 8, both sites were lit up in yellow to show their support.

Jaime McKee, Jaime McKee, Jaime McKee, Jaime McKee, J CTV News Northern Ontario, March 8, 2022, “North Bay campaign educates individuals of gambling hazards.”

The “cascades casino north bay” is a campaign that has started in the North Bay. It’s goal is to raise awareness about problem gambling and help those who are struggling with it.

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