Yesterday, Virginia Lottery’s Fiscal Year 2013 Operating Results were announced and were very positive, with a net gain of $43.5 million. The Lottery was founded in 1970, and has returned over $2.6 billion to its players to date.

NeoPollard Interactive, the investor rating agency, has released its latest report in which it praised the Virginia Lottery for providing a great return on investment in the past fiscal year (FY), despite a weak stock market. In fact, the company noted the Virginia Lottery returned more than 50% in FY, compared to the S&P 500’s return of just under 1%.

The Virginia Lottery has had a very successful fiscal year, and thanks to the dedication of its employees, it continues to be a highly profitable operation.

NeoPollard Interactive recently congratulated Virginia Lottery, one of its long-term partners, on its excellent financial achievements for the fiscal year 2021. The lottery company has sold an astounding US$807 million in iLottery tickets in the past 12 months, surpassing the record for the highest-grossing first year of a digital lotto program in North America.


During the fiscal year 2021, the Virginia iLottery program accounted for 25% of the state’s total lottery sales, which was previously unheard of in the United States lottery business. Regular retail lottery sales have risen by 15% as a result of the iLottery initiative, which is pushing up net revenue for both digital and traditional sales channels.

Numbers that Break Records


NeoPollard Interactive, which is a jointly owned subsidiary of Pollard Banknote Limited and Neo Games S.A, congratulates its long-time partners of Virginia Lottery on their impressive one year of iLottery offerings. Besides breaking numerous records for the industry, the lotto entity has contributed over US$90 million in revenue to the Lottery Proceeds Fund, which directly supports Virginia K-12 public schools.

The tremendous enthusiasm for the digital platform in Virginia has shown that players are eager to participate in the iLottery program, according to Kevin Hall, Executive Director of the Virginia Lottery. According to him, this allows gamers to completely interact with the platform whenever and on whatever device they want. He also expressed his excitement for the lottery’s continued collaboration with Neo Pollard Interactive.

The lottery product provider’s General Manager, Liz Siver, said that the firm is pleased to have played a key role in the Virginia Lottery’s success during its first-ever iLottery program. According to her, the business is a top iLottery solution supplier in North American markets, and the company has shown its value in Virginia once again.

According to Ms. Siver, the business is forward-thinking and dedicated to delivering player-centric solutions and complete services like its Power Suite. As a means of pushing outcomes forward to the company’s partners, this service includes Player Operations, Ignite Player Marketing, and Player Portfolio. The firm also lauded the Virginia school for its first-year iLottery performance and contributions to K-12 public education in Virginia.

collaborating with AGLC

Last year, NeoPollard Interactive and the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission signed a deal to develop the latter’s first online gaming platform. On September 30, 2020, the website was officially launched, providing local gamblers with a user-friendly interface and an excellent gambling environment.

Gender Equality Promotion

Earlier this year, the parent company of NeoPollard Interactive – Pollard Banknote Limited made its way into the 2021 Report on Business Women Lead Here list. This annual list follows the subject of workplace gender diversity and the inclusion of women with ideas in the working process in Canada. The list is compiled by the Report on Business magazine and it is released in the month of March which is globally known as the woman’s month.

Cision, August 16, 2021, “NeoPollard Interactive Congratulates the Virginia Lottery on Stellar First Year iLottery Results.”

NeoPollard Interactive (NPI) is the only independent public opinion pollster in Virginia, and they are now praising the Virginia Lottery Corporation’s (VLC) second quarter earnings report for exceeding analyst expectations by announcing its plan to invest $80 million in its network infrastructure. This expansion will allow the VLC to provide additional products and services to its customers and increase its chances of attracting new players to the state-run lottery, an important part of the Virginia government’s plan to double its budget in the next three years.. Read more about pollard banknote lansing mi and let us know what you think.

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