, the official website of The World Series Of Poker (WSOP), is an online casino with over 100 games and a player-facing experience that’s been praised by players around the world. Today marks day one for and they’re already seeing results from their first foray into crypto: Michigan has made up most of their total signup volume so far today!

The “Michigan wolverines” is a poker room that has been recently opened in Michigan. The players have given a thumbs up on day 1.

Michigan Players Mostly Give Thumbs Up on Day 1

With the debut of on Monday, online poker gamers in Michigan have a new platform choice. In terms of markets serviced, the state became the site’s fourth state, making it the largest US operator.

So far, gamers in the Wolverine State have given the launch largely positive reviews. Many gamers praised the smoothness of the download procedure and thought the gaming was enjoyable.

On Tuesday, USPoker chatted with a number of players to get their thoughts on the debut as a whole.

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When you sign up, you’ll get $10 free.

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Players in Michigan will discover a ringed-in poker environment, which currently includes Officials from the company, on the other hand, have huge aspirations for the state.

Players may look forward to online bracelet events similar to those seen in other states. From April 20 through May 1, a WSOP Circuit series will be held, with 12 championship rings on the line.

Michigan-Players-Mostly-Give-WSOPcom-Thumbs-Up-on-Day-1On Monday, Christopher Vallimont won a fantastic competition.

Now that Michigan players have access to the World Series of Poker’s official online alternative, numerous have voiced their satisfaction with the debut thus far. Christopher Vallimont is a landscaper who lives and works in Novi.

On the first day, the 30-year-old dived right into the action, playing largely No Limit Hold’em multi-table tournaments on his laptop. In a $55 event with a $5,000 prize pool, he even won first place for $1,600.

He’s delighted with the platform so far, despite his personal success. He thought the site to be user-friendly and attractive. The table and card customisation possibilities, as well as heads-up play, were also appealing to Vallimont.

Vallimont also likes the chance to “rabbit hunt” for what might have been the following card on occasion. Free money and a chance to play alongside 2013 WSOP Main Event winner Joe Cada were also great extras.

“There were incredibly big overlays,” Vallimont continues, “which Cada stated was intended on purpose.” “I even eliminated him from a competition the other day.” For us low-stakes players, I thought it was fairly great. It was quite simple to download and set up, and I had no problems.”

There are a lot of gift drops and other things to do.

1648589662_324_Michigan-Players-Mostly-Give-WSOPcom-Thumbs-Up-on-Day-1Tyler Beaver is at the tables in Michigan, fighting it out.

Some of such remarks were repeated by other players. Justin Cheney, 23, works as a department manager at a supermarket shop in Bay City. He had some reservations about the installation at first, but he was able to overcome them.

Cheney, like the rest of the guys, was stunned by some of the giveaways he witnessed during the day.

“It was a bit tricky to get to the download,” he adds, “but I believe it’ll become simpler as they get it set up more.” “The gift drips are the most noticeable. They’re fantastic, and WSOP threw in a lot of freebies. I was able to play for 45 minutes only on the gift drops I received yesterday.”

Tyler Beaver of Kalamazoo also praised the site for all of the freebies. A giveaway gave the 27-year-old small company owner a $215 tournament ticket.

He enjoyed his time in the poker room, both in tournaments and cash games.

“It was quick and easy to download and set up,” he explains. “So far, I’ve just played on my phone.” The program operates well and has a pleasant user experience. Multi-tabling is simple.

“Unlike PokerStars or MGM, I was never kicked out of the app at random, and WSOP never had a problem authenticating my location.” After dealing with such troubles on PokerStars and MGM on a daily basis, that’s incredibly great.”

At WSOP, you may get a free $60.


When you sign up, you’ll get $10 free.

On your first deposit, you will get a $50 bonus.

On deposit, you may get a 100% match up to $1,000.

Use the following bonus code: 10FREE

There are some disadvantages, but there are many advantages.

While many gamers praised the easy setup, there were a few drawbacks to the debut. The authentication procedure, according to some players, may be complex and time-consuming.

Some gamers in Michigan poker player Facebook groups complained about this on a daily basis. Other gamers were irritated by the lack of a conversation area.

After obtaining security errors, several Mac users were frustrated. Go to “System Preferences,” then “Security and Privacy,” to resolve the problem. After that, Mac users may unlock the software and complete the installation.

Despite some early reservations, the majority of gamers seems to be delighted thus far.

Allen Clark, 34, of Macomb, spent nearly six hours on Monday playing. He never had any latency concerns and agreed with other users’ assessments of the site.

“I had no trouble installing the program,” Clark, a project manager, adds. “It was fast, and I earned $25 in free play, which I turned into $1,100.” “All I have to do now is wait for all of my bank paperwork to upload so I can make my withdrawal.”

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