PokerStars crowned three champions in a single day during the 2018 PokerStars SCOOP tournament. Michigan player Chris Moneymaker went on a rampage to win his first career major poker title, while France’s Fabien Quidet and Russia’s Dmitry Kuznetsov became their country’s second champion of the year.

Michigan Player Scores Three PokerStars SCOOP Titles in Single Day

Making several final tables in the same month is quite an achievement. But it’s amazing for a player to win three games in a single day. Jason Welsch of Michigan achieved exactly that in March, winning three PokerStars championships in one day. 

Welsch’s spree didn’t end there; he returned after a family vacation to pick up some more cash.

“I went to Florida for a week and came back with a second place in another modest event,” he adds. “I was able to hold on to capture the bottom spot on the standings.” I also made it into the top ten for the medium.”

This online grinder chatted with USPoker recently about his recent success at the tables and life in poker.

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In the PokerStars MISCOOP, fantasy football leads to an all-star day.

Welsch, a resident of Gowen, Michigan, is a frequent online poker player in the state. It was really a successful fantasy football season that enabled him to return to poker.

“I just recently began playing again after depositing my fantasy football money on PokerStars to have some fun,” adds Welsch. “It’s been great understanding how the game has evolved since I last played No Limit Hold’em after being gone for so long.”

Welsch was able to freeroll into almost $5,300 in wins in the recent PokerStars Michigan Spring Championship of Online Poker (MISCOOP) tournaments thanks to that dream cash.

It’s not all good fortune. 

Welsch didn’t achieve three triumphs by chance. Over the last 15 years, the 34-year-old has spent time studying the game. 

“I began playing poker with my friends in high school,” he explains. “Back in the day, a few of my close friends were earning a lot of money playing poker, so I would sometimes join them to study the game.”

“Eventually, I settled on six-max cash games, which I learned using CardRunners.”

Welsch also had a deep run in Las Vegas a few years back, winning a good five-figure sum. The winning shot was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“One time, I was at the last table at a Venetian event, and there were four of us left,” he recalls. “One person had more chips than the rest of us put together.” He offered to slice it into four pieces for $28,000 apiece, but he insisted on having a Jägerbomb with us, so we all agreed!”

Stakes are being raised

Welsch has blended his passions for athletics and poker into something he is really enthusiastic about.

“After the traditional shutdown of online poker in 2011, I switched to working in the sports clothing sector and played more heads-up cash and open-face Chinese poker,” he explains. “With a partner, I just launched my own brand, RaizedUp.”

The firm creates personalized uniforms and apparel. RaizedUp has additional plans for Welsch, who intends to see the firm flourish in the future years. 

“We also operate in the event area,” he adds, “and we’re trying to go into event-based fundraising.”

Michigan-Player-Scores-Three-PokerStars-SCOOP-Titles-in-Single-DayAt PokerStars in Michigan, Jason Welsch is slugging it out at the online poker tables.

Twitching for the year 2022

Welsch, like many other players, gained his knowledge of the game through watching Twitch broadcasts. He like it when hosts explain their thinking processes and dissect hands. This has helped him stay focused for his own internet gaming. 

“I’ve had the good fortune of being successful while learning, which is always a positive,” he adds.

Welsch intends to do more of his own web streaming in the future. Last year, he created his Twitch account and focused on smaller competitions.

He’s simply having a good time so far, but it’s fantastic that he can play legal online poker on his channel.

“I speak over my plays while streaming, and it really helps me,” he explains. “Instead of simply thinking it and producing the play, I think it, say it, and hear it.”

“In most competitions, you will experience the agony of defeat. It’s great to have others there to see you find your way around the agony, and it makes the wins even sweeter.”

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