The jackpot has grown to the largest ever in Lotto Max history, making it worth $55 million.

The casino report is a website that provides the latest news and updates about casinos. They have reported that the Lotto Max Jackpot now has a value of CA$55 million.

According to the most recent information from the Canadian lottery business, the Lotto Max draw on Friday did not produce a winner for the large sum. On Friday, October 15, 2021, no ticket holders from the provinces were able to match all of the winning numbers and claim the CA$50 million prize. For the following round, the primary reward will be increased even further.


Lotto Max is one of Canada’s most lucrative lottery games, with a top reward of up to CA$70,000,000. Additionally, after the jackpot reaches CA$50 million, the jackpot drawings may award participants with multiple CA$1,000,000 Maxmillion awards. On Tuesdays and Fridays, tickets for the round may be purchased at retail outlets or online.

There will be no winner this time.


There will be no winners of the CA$50 million jackpot after last Friday’s Lotto Max draw, as no bought tickets matched the winning combination for the game. Players should not be disheartened, though, since they will have another chance to win the massive jackpot reward this week, which has been increased to CA$55 million for Tuesday’s draw.

In addition, two Maxmillion prizes worth a combined CA$1 million were up for grabs in the Friday draw. Unfortunately for all Lotto Max ticket holders, the two side prizes were likewise unclaimed last week. Players should be aware that the Tuesday, October 19 draw will now award four Maxmillion prizes to the winners.

The Maxmillion Prize has been claimed.

Michael Alexander of London was just announced as the winner of a Maxmillion prize from Lotto Max by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Mr. Alexander said that he is a frequent lottery player after arriving at an OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. He mostly plays Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, Ontario 49, and Lottario.

In the June 8 round of the game, the winner’s ticket was selected as the winner of the Maxmillion prize, and he is now CA$1,000,000 wealthier. The 56-year-old father said he found out about the victory after checking his ticket on the OLG App, and he couldn’t sleep the next night because of his excitement. He intends to travel with the money and invest a part of it.

The CA$70-Million Jackpot has been won.

A ticket buyer from British Columbia won the Lotto Max jackpot the last time it reached its maximum value of CA$70,000,000. The winner was selected on the game’s September 28 draw, and the British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s sole information as of right now is that he is situated someplace in Burnaby. The prize is the biggest lottery victory in British Columbia’s history.

Edmonton is the winner.

The WCLC previously reported on another big Lotto Max jackpot victory in Western Canada. Andrew Weninger is the winner, and he just collected his prize of CA$15,000,000 from the fan-favorite lottery game’s March 26th draw. Mr. Weninger said that he was attempting to sleep when his mother barged into his bed and broke the devastating news. The Edmonton winner plans to invest part of the prize money, purchase a new vehicle, go back to school, and travel around the globe.

Source: Toronto Star, October 16, 2021, “No winning ticket for Friday’s $50 million Lotto Max jackpot.”

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