The jackpot for the Lotto Max draw of August 15, 2019 has reached a whopping $142 million dollars. The winning ticket was purchased in Saskatoon and we still don’t know its owner’s name or where they live!

The “lotto max jackpot today” is a search term that can bring up the current jackpot amount for Lotto Max. It will also give you the number of draws left until the next draw.

Lotto Max is now seeking for its next winner. According to reports from Canada’s lottery organizations, the prize stayed intact during the game’s penultimate Friday round since no ticket from the nation matched the seven winning numbers. The top reward was worth a whopping CA$24 million, but no one was fortunate enough to win it.


Lotto Max is a national lottery game with massive prizes that may reach a staggering CA$70,000,000. When the main prize reaches CA$50 million, the draw might award numerous CA$1 million Maxmillion prizes to its participants. The game’s drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday.

There are no winners.


Last Friday’s Lotto Max draw did not produce a winner for the massive CA$24 million prize, which was disappointing for all players. On Friday, no ticket from any of the country’s regions matched the seven selected numbers, but players will have another chance to win the large sum on Tuesday. The jackpot will increase to CA$29 million for the November 2 draw.

Last week, the Lotto 6/49 draw, which is also popular in Canada, did not produce a winner. The prize for the game was CA$8 million in Saturday’s draw, but no one from the nation was able to claim it. The guaranteed reward of CA$1 million was awarded to a Quebec resident after the round. The next draw’s prize has been increased to CA$10 million.

Winning Ticket Discovered

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation announced this week that Gary Muchula of Vancouver is the lucky winner of the CA$10.2 million prize from the Lotto 6/49 draw on October 20. After collecting his large reward at a BCLC office, the football enthusiast revealed more about his victory, including the fact that he bought the winning ticket at London Drugs in Park Royal.

Mr. Muchula, a die-hard football enthusiast, has revealed that he is one step closer to achieving his ambition of attending the Super Bowl. The winner claims he had to double-check his ticket many times since he wasn’t convinced the winning number was correct. Mr. Muchula also intends to use the funds to take some time off and arrange a trip to Barbados for the Christmas holidays.

A Saskatchewan resident claims a world-record-breaking prize.

Matthew Poppels of Saskatoon also collected his Lotto Max jackpot reward from the game’s October 19 draw last week. Mr. Poppels’ winnings totaled CA$55,000,000, and he claimed his life-changing prize in only eight days. This is Saskatchewan’s second-largest lottery victory, after the first, which was for CA$60,000,000.

The Mega Burnaby Lotto Max Winner Has Also Been Announced

Over the past month, Western Canadians have reaped a slew of major lottery wins. Christine Lauzon of Burnaby was named the winner of the large Lotto Max prize of CA$70 million, according to the BCLC. The lucky winner said that she won the large reward after choosing her numbers at random using the Quick Pick option and therefore winning the round on September 28.

CTV News, October 30, 2021, “No winning ticket for Friday’s $24 million Lotto Max prize,”

The “lotto max draw” is a game of chance that involves picking six numbers from 1 to 49. The jackpot for this game is $60 million, and the odds of winning are 1 in 14.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you be anonymous lottery winner in Canada?

A: Yes, I can be your anonymous lottery winner in Canada.

Has the 70 million been claimed?


Did anyone win the Lotto Max 70 million?

A: There were no winners in the Lotto Max 70 million draw.

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