Lincoln Casino is an online casino with a new twist on the classic slots. This innovative, cutting-edge site offers everything from three ways to spin and win big to exclusive bonuses for loyal players who never miss a day of playing. Lincoln’s jackpots are huge, but that’s not all they have going for them – this has quickly become one of the most popular casinos in Canada.

Lincoln Casino is a new online casino that has been made by the same company that owns Slots.LV. Lincoln Casino offers players a wide variety of games, including video poker, blackjack and slots. They also have live dealer games for those who like to play in real life too.

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The Lincoln Casino Review is pleased to welcome you. The Lincoln Casino is owned and operated by Liberty Slots Groups, which was founded in 2013. This casino has been described as user-friendly by US players. We will see whether it lives up to its reputation in this review. Starting with the sign-up procedure and ending with the payment process, we want to leave no stone unattended.

Lincoln Casino

The Sign-Up Process at Lincoln Casino

The registration procedure at Lincoln Casino is divided into four phases. First and foremost, you must enter your country of residency. They fill it in for you immediately, so you don’t have to click through different nations to locate yours. However, if the nation suggested for you is not your home country, you may choose it from the drop-down menu.

Second, you provide your selected username, password, and email address (and confirm it). The next step is to choose a currency. You may play in either the US Dollar or the Australian Dollar at Lincoln Casino.

Finally, you provide personal information such your title, first and last names, and birthdate.

You then provide your address, city, state/province, postal code, and phone number.

  • Good deal: The registration procedure is simple. It should take you no more than five minutes to finish. They also don’t ask for anything other than the standard information.
  • Drawback: Lincoln Casino only accepts two currencies: US dollars and Australian dollars. Players from other countries may need to first convert their winnings to their own currency. Furthermore, the password part acts in a covert way. This means you won’t be able to see your password when entering or verifying it. As a result, if you make a mistake while typing for the first or second time, you may have to start again.

Our ranking is based on a scale of 0 to 5, with 0 being terrible and 5 denoting exceptional. The sign-up procedure at Lincoln Casino is simple and quick, however The currency selection options are restricted to two. As a result, we award the registration procedure a 3.

Lincoln Casino

The Package of Welcome

Whether you’re making your first deposit or not, Lincoln Casino gives a welcome gift to all new players. You will also earn a fifteen dollar ($15) welcome bonus if you make no deposit. This is, without a doubt, a tremendous offer. Because there are no clear instructions on how to get your welcome gift, we had to seek assistance from a customer care representative. The Service to Customers representative will provide you a discount code and instructions on how to claim your bonus. After that, the casino will credit your bonus account with fifteen dollars ($15). It’s worth noting that you may utilize this to play for real money.

You must spend a thousand dollars ($1000) on a welcome package on deposits. You will be rewarded with a five-thousand-dollar ($5,000) incentive for doing so. You may accomplish this once or up to five times to qualify. Furthermore, your first twenty-five dollar ($25) purchase grants you automatic membership to their Rewards program. As a result, you’ll be able to take advantage of the VIP program’s privileges right now.

  • Good deal: Their no-deposit bonus is a fantastic offer. You may use this to play games and begin earning real money. The monies will subsequently be credited to your primary account. A twenty-five dollar ($25) purchase also enrolls you in their loyalty program, which means you get VIP benefits on a modest transaction.
  • One disadvantage is that Lincoln Casino does not provide you instant instructions on how to use your no deposit bonus. As a result, new players who are unfamiliar with no deposit welcome bonuses may lose out.

Our ranking is based on a scale of 0 to 15, with 0 being terrible and 15 denoting exceptional. We rate it a 13 for high earnings on little transactions and a fantastic no deposit welcome bonus.

Experimentation (Games, Entertainment and Fun)

You may play the demo version if you’re a newcomer who isn’t sure about the casino. Non-registered gamers may play demo versions of all of Lincoln Casino’s games. There are eight table games, 86 slot games, 11 video poker games, and six progressives among the demo games. Furthermore, Lincoln Casino provides gamers with a three-thousand-dollar ($3000) sample account to play with.

If you want to play for real money, you may begin with as little as one dollar ($1). There are a lot of low-cost games on the site as well. See? You don’t have to be concerned about not having much to begin with.

On the site, you may play a variety of classic and new games and have a good time all day. This casino website also lacks flashy lights and colors.

  • Good deal: Both registered and non-registered players at Lincoln Casino have the ability to make decisions. If you like playing their demo games, you may proceed to play for real money. You can quit the casino if you don’t like them. Furthermore, the many games available on their website leave you spoilt for choice.
  • Cons: You can’t listen to music or listen to noises while playing on the site. It could be a little tedious since noises make the games more interesting to play.

Our ranking is based on a scale of 0 to 20, with 0 being terrible and 20 denoting exceptional. Although the Lincoln Casino games are engaging, they may not provide the ultimate enjoyment if they are not accompanied by music. As a result, we rate it a 15 out of 10.

Lincoln Casino

Availability of Ongoing Promotions

There are various active deals at Lincoln Casino. Tournaments, jackpots, booster bonuses, and rebate bonuses are just a few examples. You may play for bonuses on a daily, weekly, or weekend basis. The Lincoln Casino booster bonus allows you to raise your deposit bonus by up to 50%. (50 percent ). To get this, you must acquire a minimum of a forty-five dollar ($45) chip. The next step is to contact a customer care representative to obtain your booster incentive. The booster bonus provides you free spins in addition to increasing your deposit bonus.

Our ranking is based on a scale of 0 to 20, with 0 being terrible and 20 denoting exceptional. Without a doubt, Lincoln Casino offers outstanding promotions and bonuses. We give it a 15 for this.

Service to Customers

Lincoln Casino operates a twenty-four-hour seven days a week (24/7) customer care service. This means you can contact them at any hour of the day or night. The customer care service is operated by both a bot and a human being. The bot first attends to you before transferring you to its human agent. As soon as they attend to your request, the chat closes. Next, they provide you with a survey. This survey entails questions like if you liked the chat service, if the agent resolved your issue, and if you would recommend the casino, for example. So, if you weren’t satisfied with the Service to Customers, you can let them know immediately.

Another great part of its Service to Customers is that it operates a toll-free phone line. This is in addition to its email address and other phone contacts.

  • Good deal: Their Service to Customers agents (both the bot and the human) are fast in responding to your questions. Also, if you’re not pleased with the way things were handled, you can immediately lay a complaint using the survey. In addition to this, their toll-free line makes it possible for you to communicate with them verbally.
  • Drawback: As soon as they respond to your query, the chat session ends. This implies you may have to wait if you suddenly recalled to ask anything. The good thing is that you won’t have to wait long since the discussion will begin within a few minutes.

Our rating: Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 15, which connotes excellent. Yes, just as you’re thinking, their Service to Customers seems to be of good quality. Therefore, we give it a 14.

Optional Deposits

Lincoln Casino has an abundance of Optional Deposits. These include Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Neosurf, Ecopayz, and Paysafe. They also accept digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. In this casino, the minimum deposit starts as low as one dollar ($1).

Our rating: Our rating for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 10, which connotes excellent. Most of the Optional Deposits the casino presents are used universally. However, they need to add more digital currencies to their Optional Deposits. For this, we rate the Lincoln Casino deposit option a 7.

Process and Requirements for Payment

There aren’t as many withdrawal alternatives at Lincoln Casino as there are with debit cards. They pay by wire transfer and couriered checks, among other methods. You may request a minimum withdrawal of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150). Similarly, you are limited to five thousand dollars ($5000) in withdrawals every week.

The casino asks you to produce specified documentation to prove your identification before making a withdrawal. You send their Account Verification form to the supplied email address after filling it out.

For players outside of the United States, the Lincoln Casino withdrawal options may be sufficient. However, it’s a different story for gamers in the United States. To begin, only checks, Bitcoin withdrawals, and wire transfers are available to US participants. Additionally, it is possible that your check could take up to two weeks to arrive.

Aside from that, there are substantial withdrawal costs. Withdrawal fees at Lincoln Casino may be as high as $45 per transaction. As a result, a withdrawal of $150 will leave you with $105 in your bank account.

Our ranking is based on a scale of 0 to 15, with 0 being terrible and 15 denoting exceptional. The payment method is not as convenient as debiting. As a result, we award it a 9.

VIP Programs at Lincoln Casino

There are six levels to this program, which is also known as Lincoln Rewards. Your first twenty-five dollar ($25) purchase enrolls you in the Reward Program, as described earlier in this article. The Amber level is the first program. On every deposit you make on this program, you will get a ten percent (10%) bonus. Other advantages include reward points on all bets and a bonus of up to 150 percent (150%).

The Bronze level is the next rung in this curriculum. You may receive a fifteen percent (15%) bonus on your deposits and up to one hundred and fifty percent (150%) on your withdrawals at this level. You must earn a total of ten thousand (10,000) comp points to reach this level.

The Silver level is the third layer. At this level, players may get a deposit bonus ranging from 20% to 150 percent of their first amount. You must earn a total of fifty thousand (50,000) comp points to advance to this level. The Gold level is the following one after the Silver level. To qualify, you must earn a total of one hundred (100) comp points. This one gives you a twenty-five percent (25%) to one hundred and fifty percent (150%) bonus on every deposit you make. After that comes the Platinum level, which requires a total of five hundred thousand (500,000) points to enter. This one gives a daily deposit bonus of thirty percent (30%) to one hundred and fifty percent (150%).

The Diamond player is the last in this category. You must have a total of one million dollars to be eligible (1,000,000). Its daily deposit bonus varies from 35% to 150% of the amount deposited (150 percent ).

Extra Thoughts: Will This Casino Earn Our Cherry on Top or Not?

The Lincoln Casino left a positive impact on us. First and foremost, they give their customers with a toll-free number to contact a customer service person. These aren’t common in many online casinos. They also have a bilingual customer service department. This implies that even if you don’t speak English well, you can converse with them. Second, you may win real money with your deposit bonus, which will be added to your primary account. Finally, Lincoln Casino allows players to collect bonus points for every bet they make. Furthermore, Bitcoin, Neteller, Ecopayz, Skrill, and Bankwire are the only options for maximum withdrawal.

Another positive impression they left on us was their attitude toward ethical gaming. They assist you in the Responsible Gaming area if you believe you are losing control of your gaming habit. Aside from cautious advise, they suggest contacting an organization that can assist you in overcoming any gambling addiction.

They produced a solid first impression, but there were some flaws. To begin with, the site’s aesthetics aren’t as elegant as they may be. Furthermore, there are no sounds accessible for play online. The positive impression, on the other hand, overcomes the negative. As a result, we award Lincoln Casino a cherry on top.

The Competition vs. the Casino

We’ll compare Lincoln Casino against three more casinos in the future: Desert Nights Casino, Liberty Casino, and Miami Club Casino. The following is the sequence in which the comparison will be made:

The first-time bonus

The currency selection option

The graphical user interface (GUI)

The video game software

The first-time bonus: Lincoln Casino offers new players a no-deposit welcome bonus of fifteen dollars ($15), while Miami Club Casino and Desert Nights Casino offer ten dollars ($10). However, Liberty Casino matches Lincoln Casino in offering a no-deposit bonus of fifteen dollars ($15).

Lincoln Casino will offer you a five thousand dollar ($5000) bonus on your initial deposit of one thousand dollars ($1000). On your first three deposits at Liberty Casino, you will get a 100% bonus. Miami Club Casino matches your first eight deposits 100 percent, while Desert Nights Casino matches your first eight deposits 250 percent.

The currency selection option: Lincoln Casino and Liberty Casino both offer only the United States Dollar and Australian Dollars as currency options. Miami Club Casino provides only a USD payment option. However, Desert Nights Casino offers USD, Euros, South Africa Rand, Australian Dollar, and British Pounds.

The graphical user interface (GUI): Miami Club Casino, Liberty Casino, and Desert Nights Casino all have that sleek look. Their graphics get a thumbs-up from us. As we have stated earlier, Lincoln Casino has dull graphics by comparison.

The video game software: Lincoln Casino, Miami Club Casino, and Liberty Casino all use Wagering Gaming Software. This is by far one of the casino player’s favorite software as it allows for many games. In comparison, Desert Nights Casino uses Rival Gaming Software which offers lesser slot games.

Should I Participate in This Casino?

You should have decided whether or not you wish to play at this casino by now. One of the casino’s advantages is that they provide you promo codes to redeem bonuses through email. Furthermore, these bonuses are excellent value when compared to those offered by rival casinos. Finally, if you don’t mind playing without noises, you are free to do so.

The Final Word

We award Lincoln Casino a 76 with a cherry on top on a scale of 0 to 100. However, we must acknowledge that it still has a lot of room for improvement, such as additional payment choices for US gamers. Also, don’t forget about the absence of noises during internet gaming. You may check out the casino if this review has piqued your interest.

Lincoln Casino is a casino with fun slots, news, and reviews. The Lincoln Casino Review is an article about the Lincoln Casino. Reference: lincoln casino winners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lincoln online casino legit?

A: Yes. Lincoln is one of the most reputable online casinos in 2018 and 2019, with a large selection of games on offer for players to choose from.

What are the luckiest slot machines?

A: Im a question answering bot and not an expert on slot machines, so it would be best if you go to the casino.

What slot machines have the best odds in a casino?

A: The best slot machines will give the player an average payout of 90%.

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