Cryptocurrency trading is not gambling, but a skill. Learning how to trade comes with risks and rewards that can be far greater than any slot machine or roulette wheel has to offer. The odds of the game are in your favor because you don’t have to pay for them!

Crypto trading is just gambling. It’s not a good idea to invest in cryptocurrencies because they are unregulated and there is no way to know if your investment will be worth anything. Islam forbids gambling, so crypto trading would be considered forbidden.

Is Crypto Trading Just Gambling

Is crypto trading nothing more than a game of chance? On the surface, crypto trading and gambling seem to be the same thing. They both include putting money down in order to get more money. Traders, on the other hand, deny that crypto trading is gambling, while gamblers believe that “everyone gambles.” They interpret this to suggest that cryptocurrency and gambling are one and the same. This essay will compare and contrast the two to demonstrate their differences and similarities.

Trading Just Gambling

Is Crypto Trading only a game of chance? Here Are Some Parallels

  1. Goals

Every gambler’s objective is to earn more money with the money they already have. Most online casinos are a fantastic example of this, since they give players incentives as high as $100 for a $20 investment. As a result, these casinos provide the idea that a gambler’s aim of increasing their bankroll is attainable. Similarly, a crypto trader trades his or her coins in order to raise the amount of money in his or her wallet. Even if the main objective of a gambler/crypto trader is to make more money, some questions will help them achieve this goal.

What Coins Should They Buy vs. What Games Should They Play?

The Spectator

What games do they need to play? Should they go for low-risk games or ones with large stakes? Is it more exciting to watch a horse race or a vehicle race? What do you prefer: table games or slot machines?

The Bitcoin Trader

What coins should they purchase? Should they buy coins with a limited quantity or coins with an endless supply? Should they go for a runner coin, one that is fast increasing in value? Should they purchase a coin that is slowly increasing in value, or should they buy a coin that is rapidly increasing in value?

How long should they play/trade for?

The Spectator

How many hours should they gamble every day/week to avoid developing a gambling problem? These are not only hours for placing bets and expecting to win; they are also hours for learning gaming strategy.

The Bitcoin Trader

How many hours each day should they devote to trading? Or would they be randomly checking on their trading? Is it better to trade at night than during the day?

Trading Just Gambling

What is the financial situation?

The Spectator

What is your gaming budget on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? What happens if they spend all of their money and still don’t win anything? Would they boost their budget or abandon the games entirely? Would they stick to a certain budget, or would they raise or decrease it over time?

The Bitcoin Trader

How much money do they wish to put into cryptocurrencies on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Would they invest more money on a daily or monthly basis? What will happen if they lose? Would they hold off on recouping their losses or sell their investment at a cheaper price?

Long-Term vs. Short-Term

The Spectator

How long will they risk it? Is it just a one-time chance, or will they stick around until they win the jackpot? What would they do if they won the lottery: would they keep gambling or stop? What happens if months/years go by and they still haven’t struck it rich? Will they give up or will they stick it out?

The Bitcoin Trader

The terms “hold” and “hodl” often interchanged in the cryptocurrency world, although they both signify the same thing. How long will a trader hodl/trade an unpredictably volatile coin? Do they have a certain price in mind? Would they continue to trade even if their goal price has been reached?

Is it a profession or a pastime?

The Spectator

Is gambling going to be a full-time job for them, or just a pastime? To become a professional gambler, people must give up their day occupations in order to acquire the techniques and methods of their games. Making gambling a side pastime, on the other hand, entails playing games just two or three times each week.

Trading Just Gambling

The Bitcoin Trader

Is crypto trading something that may be done as a pastime? Anyone who wants to make a living out of crypto trading must be willing to perform a lot of day trading.

When Does It Become Enough?

The Spectator

When do they decide to leave a game? Is it when they keep losing money at the same game again and over? Should they quit if they win, or should they continue to take bigger risks? Should they stay at the table if they are losing money or should they leave?

The Bitcoin Trader

When should they cash in their coin investment? Should a coin that is depreciating continue to trade in the hopes that it would appreciate?

  1. Risks

Gambling involves taking risks, whether low or high. The Spectator is sacrificing their money in the hopes of getting more money. In gambling, the house has the most advantage over the player, so The Spectator may be prepared for more loss than profit.

Although crypto trading entails danger in the same way that gambling does, it entails a higher level of risk. Cryptocurrency is vulnerable to cyber threats such as hacking and fraud since it is a digital coin. According to reports on the internet, many cryptocurrency traders lose money on a regular basis as a result of hacked exchanges. Furthermore, as more digital currencies enter the market, fraudsters are increasingly offering bogus coins to naïve dealers. Unfortunately, many purchasers, particularly rookie traders in a haste to trade, are unable to identify the difference and fall prey. Furthermore, if a crypto trader forgets their password or recovery method, they risk losing all of their capital. That is the level of risk taken by cryptocurrency traders.

Apart from these dangers, both gamblers and crypto traders incur dangerous risks. When gambling or investing, it’s usually a good idea to use money you can afford to lose. Some individuals, on the other hand, consider gambling or cryptocurrency trading to be a get-rich-quick scam. As a result, individuals may gamble or trade their housing rent, college fees, life savings, pawn costly personal belongings, and so on. While only a few individuals are fortunate enough to get a large return on their investment using this method, others are not. As a consequence, you’ll end up with massive debts that you won’t be able to repay.

  1. Volatility

Volatility is a term used in gambling to describe how risky a game is. It is most often associated with slot machines. For example, you may win a lot of money playing various games, but this only happens once in a while. These are games with a high level of volatility. Similarly, other games allow you to win more often, but the prizes are lower. These are games with a low level of risk.

In gambling, because the house designed the games in its favor, The Spectator has low odds of winning. Although casinos promise a jackpot win, very few gamblers have ever won one in gambling history.

The crypto trading market is also turbulent. Cryptocurrency values fluctuate, so you might lose all or part of your investment at any time.

What Are The Differences Between Them?

  1. tracing the source

In gambling, it is easy to trace the source of the funds. This is because gamblers use their credit/debit cards to make deposits more often than not. These cards have personal details on them so banks and financial regulators can easily identify The Spectator.

It’s a whole different approach with cryptocurrencies. Crypto traders put funds into a virtual wallet that is not subject to regulatory oversight. This implies that the funds might come from anywhere and from anybody. You can’t determine who’s conducting the transactions on the blockchain since anybody can see them.

  1. Prediction

You can foresee your way into money in gambling, particularly sports betting. All you have to do now is forecast. You win your bets if you accurately guess the outcome. You’ll lose them if you don’t. That’s all there is to it.

You can’t always forecast the price of a coin in crypto trading. A coin may climb steadily only to sink just as fast. This isn’t to suggest that cryptocurrency traders aren’t capable of making forecasts. They do, but most of the time, these forecasts are pointless. These projections, according to some seasoned traders, are overhyped by certain CEOs who have personal interests.

  1. Making Money Possibilities

Gambling is a means to earn money, but the chances of generating money are slim. There’s a good chance you’ll play five distinct games and lose them all instead of winning one. High-paying games are difficult to win, and chances to do so are few and far between. Low payouts are available in games that give frequent rewards.

There are several money-making chances in cryptocurrencies. For example, you may acquire a variety of coins and benefit handsomely from any or all of them.


Is crypto trading nothing more than a game of chance? Yes, the two have some parallels, but they also have some big variances.

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency that uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions. It was created in 2009 by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin allows for peer-to-peer payments without involving any third party financial institution. The price of bitcoin fluctuates on the open market, but it’s not considered gambling because the value is not determined by how much money you put in but rather what you can get out. Reference: bitcoin is gambling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is investing in crypto just gambling?

A: Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency, which allows people to transfer money quickly and anonymously. This means that it is not subject to the same regulations as fiat currencies like USD or EUR. However, regulators have been stepping in more recently due to concerns on whether cryptocurrency can be considered gambling. Because crypto has no physical representation, investors cannot lose their capital by failing to win with investments in cryptocurrencies–if they are able instead investing them into a traditional FIAT based investment vehicle where there is an asset backing that they can cash out from later when the time comes (for example stocks). There will still always be risks associated with trading any kind of assets but this does make it difficult for regulatory authorities around the world because most countries do not allow unregulated investments using FIAT currencies

Is cryptocurrency a type of gambling?

A: No, cryptocurrency is not a type of gambling. Gambling typically means to wager something on an event with the understanding that there may be some uncertainty about what will happen in the future. Cryptocurrency does not involve any such uncertainties and it is simply stored value without any chance for anyone else to take away from you or win your money back.

Is day trading crypto gambling?

A: No, it is not gambling. Its more like buying and selling stocks or a stock market without any physical exchange.

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