The average gambler loses around $2,700 per year. This means that a person who spends one hour at the tables will lose three days worth of income in losses. Meanwhile people across Europe are experiencing gambling addiction rates much higher than those found in America proving just how addictive this pastime can be and why casinos continue to flourish despite less-than-substantial winnings for gamblers.

The “how much does the average person gamble in vegas” is a question about how much money people lose gambling. The answer is that most people will spend around $100 to $200 per hour at a casino.

How Much Does The Average Person Lose Gambling?

How much money does the typical gambler lose? This is a question you may have considered before. Gambling is a pleasurable and enjoyable pastime until you start losing money – a lot of money. In the United States, for example, the typical casino player loses $250. It is true that it is simpler to lose money at the casino than it is to win it. You may go into a casino with ten dollars or five thousand dollars and lose it all in an hour.

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How much money does the typical gambler lose? As a result of this,

Gambling addiction

It is easy to become addicted to gambling thus becoming a problem gambler. Gambling addiction doesn’t just start overnight. It starts with telling yourself that you can recoup a loss. So you continue to place bets until you lose control. Now, the game starts to control you and you cannot seem to go a day without looking for what to gamble on. Here are some of the consequences of Gambling addiction:


As previously indicated, the game manages problem gamblers. They are required to gamble every day, and no, they do not play free gambling games. As a result, they are continuously in need of money to support their addictions. They gamble till their personal funds are depleted, but they don’t stop there. To keep gambling, they borrow, pawn valuable personal goods, and in the worst-case scenario, steal. Gamblers with a problem are constantly in debt. Things may now take a different turn if they lose a bet and are unable to pay the bookmarker. There are several accounts of what bookmarkers may do to persons who owe them money. It’s safe to say that these aren’t the kind of happy tales you’d want to hear. Debts are one of the things that may happen to an ordinary gambler who loses money in the long term.

Loan rejection

This is how it works: losing money on bets may entice you to keep playing. Most of the time, you succumb to this temptation. You make repeated withdrawals from your bank accounts to various betting sites. When you’ve done that, you’ll succumb to the urge to use your credit cards to make purchases. Now, this could not have any ramifications until you wish to apply for a mortgage, for example.

Bank statements or credit reports tainted by frequent betting site withdrawals may result in your loan application being declined right away. The stereotype of gamblers as reckless individuals persists. Lenders may be hesitant to provide you a loan unless you can demonstrate that you bet responsibly.

Banks have recently terminated their relationships with problem gamblers. Your bank may restrict your account without notice if you make frequent withdrawals from your bank account to betting sites. This is owing to the fact that banks are required to follow specific federal gaming legislation. Some banks may inform you right immediately that they are no longer interested in doing business with you.

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How Much Money Does the Average Person Lose When They Gamble?


This is the most emotional of all the consequences for some gamblers. Gambling is still seen as an activity carried out by reckless individuals, as stated in this article. You can’t blame them for thinking that way, given that ordinary gamblers make the greatest money by betting even after horrific losses. Everyone wants others to accept them, regardless of their characteristics. Having people around you may assist you in a variety of ways, including helping you get through challenging circumstances.

Unfortunately, Gambling addiction can ostracise you from people including friends, family, and other loved ones. Very few people would like to be associated with a problem gambler. This is because of the belief that such association may cast them in a bad light as well.


Losing money to gambling on a regular basis might lead to despair over time. This is never a nice situation to be in since it will effect everything and everyone in your life. You may withdraw or become violent as a result of depression. It’s possible that you’ll lose your job and other crucial connections as a result of this.

All of these things are likely to occur if you continue to play while losing. Does this imply that individuals do not profit from gambling? Certainly not! Gambling is a lucrative business for professional gamblers. According to statistics, a substantial proportion of professional gamblers earn close to or more than $100,000 every year. This also depends on the game they are playing. While this may be amusing, there is a reason they earn so much money while the common gambler loses theirs.

Professional gamblers aren’t named that for no reason. They are gamblers who, like you, have been at it from the beginning. They spent time researching gaming trends and mastering new techniques. They were able to determine which games were ideal for them by observing and trying out a variety of them. Despite having sufficient information at their disposal, they sometimes lose their wager. A professional gambler, on the other hand, is not the same as the typical gambler. It’s not only about the amount of money lost or gained. The ordinary gambler believes that if they lose money, they will be able to recover it. The good news is that you are not obligated to choose that path!

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How To Stay Away From It

Professional gamblers, despite the fact that gambling is more of a vocation for them, are not problem gamblers. They spend a lot of time at the gaming table, much like the ordinary problem gambler. Discipline, on the other hand, distinguishes them from the ordinary. When you’re at the games, with all the excitement and dopamine, it might be difficult to maintain discipline. That is why expert gamblers never allow their emotions to control them when gaming. Here are a few pointers to assist you avoid overspending while gaming.

Make a financial plan.

This is a professional gambler’s secret that the typical gambler isn’t aware of. You must maintain control of the game by establishing a reasonable budget for gambling sessions. Consider this: if you take $100 to the casino, you may well spend it all while still being enticed to play. If you set a weekly budget of $100, it will be simpler to maintain discipline and stick to it. A budget is similar to a country’s constitution. Citizens are aware of it, and as a gambler, you will be aware of your budget. This eliminates the issue of excessive spending or borrowing.

Create a new account.

Professional gamblers are aware of this and take advantage of it. Withdrawals from betting sites and credit accounts, as previously noted, might jeopardize your financial trustworthiness. To circumvent this, create a separate bank account dedicated only to your gaming purposes. You may be surprised, but your bank account may be closed. The good news is that not all banks will close accounts due to gaming losses. You may check with your accounts officer to be sure.

If you’re still unable to cover your gambling bills using your bank accounts, you could investigate crypto betting. You may also utilize casino credit instead of withdrawing from your credit account.

Take a breather.

There is a time to work and a time to Take a breather.. This is what the average gambler fails to acknowledge. When you constantly lose money and still gamble, it can be hard to focus on your next step. Taking a break will help you relax to restrategize for another gambling session. Also, it will help you clear your mind to focus on other equally productive ventures.

Seek expert assistance.

If you feel that you’re losing so much to gambling to the point where it’s becoming a problem, Seek expert assistance.. A therapist will walk you through the process and help you discover where you went wrong. Depending on the severity of your problem, you may be asked to quit gambling. Also, you don’t have to be a problem gambler before seeking professional help. If you feel you’re losing control over how much you spend during gambling sessions, seek help.


How Much Money Does the Average Person Lose When They Gamble? The average person can lose as much or as little money gambling. By now, you have been equipped with adequate information to know. How much the average person loses gambling depends on how much the individual decides to part with themselves.

The “lost 100 gambling” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to the question is that the average person loses around $1000 gambling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of gamblers lose money?

A: It is hard to say how much money gamblers lose, since we dont have any concrete studies on it.

How much does an average person gamble?

A: Some people gamble more than others, but its impossible to say how much each person gambles.

How much can you lose gambling?

A: The amount of money you can lose is dictated by the house edge. Typically, there are a range of 2-5%, so if you gamble $100 on roulette and it took 12 spins to win back your initial investment, then theoretically speaking, you could have lost anywhere from $1200-$5000

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