High Noon Casino is a brand-new online casino that has recently launched and they are offering top notch slots, exciting promotions, and an overall fun experience. If you’re looking for the best selection of slot games on the internet today with tons of bonuses to help make your money go as far as possible then this might be where you want to spend some time.

The “high noon casino no deposit bonus codes 2020” is a new casino that has been released by High Noon Entertainment. The company is known for its Fun Slots games and it also offers live dealer games.

High Noon Casino Review | News Fun Slots

Welcome to our review of the High Noon Casino. The casino first opened its doors in 2010 and is owned by Club World Casinos Group Casinos. We’ll do an assessment of this casino to see whether it meets the requirements for an online casino. You will be able to determine whether or not you wish to play here after reading this review. So take a seat and enjoy the journey!

High Noon Casino

The Sign-Up Process at High Noon Casino

The registration procedure at High Noon Casino is simple and straightforward. To begin, you must enter your email address, username, and password. Second, fill down your names, choose your gender, and provide your phone number and birthdate. Finally, choose your nation and enter your zip code, two addresses, city, and state information.

  • Good deal: The registration procedure is simple and fast; you may do it in about three minutes.
  • First and foremost, the password is stored in a no-view format. This means you won’t be able to see your password as you type. As a result, you won’t be able to determine whether you made a mistake while filling it out. In addition, the casino’s sign-up website makes no mention of its currency possibilities. However, after more discussion, we learned that the typical currency is the United States dollar (USD). As a result, gamers from other countries will have to convert their funds to USD before depositing. Similarly, they will have to change to their native currency after getting payment.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible, to 5, which connotes excellent. High Noon Casino’s sign-up process is quick and easy, but it limits its currency option to the USD. Therefore, we give the sign-up process a 3.

The Package of Welcome

After you’ve completed your registration, the casino will provide you two options: “View Bonuses” or “Go Straight To Casino.” If you choose the former, you will be sent to their welcome incentives for first-time depositors. But, for the sake of this post, we’ll start with no-deposit welcome bonuses. We recommend starting with no-deposit welcome bonuses while playing online at a new casino. This way, you can get a feel for the games without putting your money at danger. Unfortunately, High Noon Casino does not provide no-deposit welcome bonuses to new players. Alternatively, you may play the demo versions of games with a $1,000 fun balance. Playing demo versions, on the other hand, is not the same as playing for real money.

High Noon Casino provides three distinct welcome bonuses for real money players, so you get to choose which one you want.

On a minimum deposit of $35, you will earn a 200 percent bonus, up to $2,000, on the first type.

The second kind enables you to get 100%, or up to $500. The minimum deposit is $35, same as the first.

Finally, the third kind provides players a 350 percent bonus up to $3,500 in addition to $75 in free chips. This kind, however, is only accessible for Bitcoin payments.

  • Good deal: Their deposit incentives are a great method for a new player to get started. What’s more, the Bitcoin payment option comes with its own deposit incentive.
  • Drawback: No no-deposit welcome incentives, whether in the form of money or free spins, are offered by High Noon Casino to new players. This is a major flaw that we cannot overlook, since it may deter some gamers from wagering real money.

High Noon Casino

Our Opinion

Our Opinion for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 15, which connotes excellent. As stated already, the lack of a no-deposit welcome bonus is a huge drawback. However, their welcome bonuses are quite generous for minimum deposits of $35. Therefore, we rate The Package of Welcome 10.

Experimentation (Games, Entertainment and Fun)

Players may choose from over 200 games at High Noon Casino. Various slots, video poker, table games, speciality games, progressives, and favorite games are among them. As a result, you have as many gaming possibilities as possible. You may test out the games by playing the demo version with a $1,000 fun balance. Above all, there are noises and music that may be played right away. Why is this the most important to us? Playing games without sound and music, on the other hand, takes away from the thrill of the experience. They are, in fact, that important.

  • High Noon Casino offers both registered and non-registered players the opportunity to test out the demo version of its games. As a result, if you like the games, you may register and play for real money. You may, however, quit the casino site if you don’t. The ability to make decisions appeals to us.
  • There are no disadvantages here. The casino games are exciting and pleasant to play, and they load quickly.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 20, which connotes excellent. The games at High Noon Casino are fun to play as both new and old casino players will find them exciting. Therefore, we give it 18.

Availability of Ongoing Promotions

High Noon Casino provides daily promos for every day of the week at the time of writing this article.


On Mondays, you may get a 75 percent bonus on your first three deposits. This bonus, however, is only accessible for Keno, Scratch Cards, and Slots. You may use the SALOON75 promo code to get this deal. Additionally, you may get a 70% bonus on all table and slot games. SALOON70 is the promo code to use to get this deal.


The incentive on Tuesdays is a 20% payback on deposits.


On Wednesdays, you may get a 65 percent bonus on all games if you deposit five times. Additionally, if you make your fifth deposit and use the discount code, the casino will give you a $25 chip. REWARD65 is the promo code.


On this day, a $50 deposit earns you 10 free spins. You’ll get 20 free spins if you deposit more than $50. In addition, you may get a 70% bonus on slot games. GOLD70 is the promo code.


You may get a 67 percent extra match on Fridays. The greatest thing is that you may use this offer as many times as you like. HOEDOWN67 is the promo code to use to get this deal.


A minimum investment of $150 on Saturdays will earn you a 65 percent bonus. The casino will offer you a 70 percent bonus on the games if you deposit more than $150. RANCH65 is the promo code for this.


Finally, on Sundays, you may earn a 77 percent bonus on slot games, which you can use up to four times. The casino, however, does not specify a minimum deposit amount. QUICKDRAW77 is the promo code to use to get this deal.

Our Opinion: Our Opinion for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 20, which connotes excellent. High Noon Casino’s promotions are only limited to daily bonuses on first deposits. However, the percentage on the bonuses is generous. Therefore, we rate it a 15.

High Noon Casino

Service to Customers

High Noon Casino Service to Customers outlets include a live chat, email address, and a phone line. A chatbot, whose name is Duke operates the live chat along with a human agent. When you enter the chat, you first speak with Duke, who will ask you for details such as your username and email address. Next, it will direct you to the human agent. The first time the bot redirected us to its human colleague, we spent close to 15 minutes waiting, yet no one would answer us. As the famous saying goes, time is money. Therefore, we couldn’t afford to waste more time and so exited the chat.

We, on the other hand, decided to give it another go. Even when Duke relocated us, we were still delayed. The only problem was that there was a five-minute delay. Furthermore, the human agent required much too much personal information (the same information we provided when registration) before we could continue. You can tell the live conversation was wearing us out based on this. The casino provided us with stars and asked for a rating as soon as the discussion concluded. Well, we didn’t pay attention to that aspect.

Interestingly, the first time we could not access the Service to Customers via live chat, we resorted to sending an email. Now, the response to our mail was swift, and they answered our question. However, while we liked the swift response, it made us question the purpose of the live chat, which happened to be painfully slow.

What We Looked At

  • Good deal: If you need a quick answer, we recommend using their email address instead. We didn’t test their phone number, but we liked that it and email were both offered as contact choices for the live chat.
  • Drawback: Human representatives should be able to reply to clients through live chat more quickly. Customers may hop in rapidly and receive responses just as quickly, which is why it’s called a live chat. In addition, the human agent asks much too many verification questions for such a basic request.

Our Opinion: Our Opinion for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 15, which connotes excellent. The Service to Customers has a lot to improve on. Therefore, we give it a 10.

Optional Deposits

High Noon Casino’s Optional Deposits include Visa, Ecopayz, Skrill, Neteller, Mastercard, and Bitcoin. The minimum deposit for all is $35. For Bitcoin, the maximum deposit amount is $10,000.

Our Opinion: Our Opinion for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 10, which connotes excellent. While most of the Optional Deposits are accepted universally, they’re few for a casino that’s open to players from countries all over the world. Also, casinos are making more room for cryptocurrency as an acceptable payment option. Even though we recognize and applaud High Noon Casino’s effort with Bitcoin, we think it should include more cryptocurrency. Thus, we rate the deposit payment option 8.

Process and Requirements for Payment

Requesting payments, unlike making deposits, has its own set of restrictions. To begin, you’ll need to authenticate your account with documentation. Also, the amount you may withdraw with your credit/debit card is limited.

The minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts for Neteller, Skrill, and Ecopayz are $35 and $5,001, respectively. There are no fees for withdrawals, and the casino processes them in one day.

The minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts for wire transfers are $300 and $5,001, respectively. The casino charges a $25 fee for this kind.

Finally, the lowest Bitcoin withdrawal is $50, with a maximum of $6,000. The casino does not charge a fee for withdrawals, and the procedure takes just two days.

Our Opinion: Our Opinion for this is on a scale of 0, which means horrible to 15, which connotes excellent. The payment process is not as smooth as debit, and it is limited. Thus, we give it a 10.

VIP Programs at High Noon Casino

VIP programs are exclusive packages that are available to only players who have earned them. These programs usually come in tiers between four to six or more. Some Internet casinos are considered such that every new player automatically gains access to the first level in the VIP program. However, there are requirements if you intend to continue going higher. Usually, the casino publishes these requirements on their websites. Strangely, High Noon casino does not mention anything about its VIP programs on its site. Thus, we had to contact their Service to Customers to get information about this.

They verified that the VIP programs were not viewable by the general public on their website. So, when you play, the casino does an assessment, and if they believe it’s time for you to level up, they send you an email. That is all there is to it.

We have no clue why the casino thinks this is a good idea. We are aware, however, that it may deter some gamers from continuing to participate. As a result, we anticipate the casino changing its stance and opening up its VIP programs to the public in the near future.

Extra Thoughts: Will This Casino Receive Our Cherry On Top or Not?

This casino pleased us in a number of ways:

The visuals were appealing to us. It has a distinctive and unusual style thanks to the many colors of brown, as well as splashes of red and gold.

It offers a user-friendly interface, which we enjoy. Players will be able to browse and locate information on their own as a result of this.

We appreciated how it provided fast access to noises and music.

However, other areas left a bad impression. The first is the live chat arm of the Service to Customers which was slow. Secondly, the deposit and withdrawal options are few. Next, there is no transparency in their VIP programs. Finally, even though the interface is user-friendly, you cannot answer all your questions. This is because not all information is available on the site. For all these reasons, High Noon Casino does not get a cherry.

The Competition vs. the Casino

We’ll be comparing High Noon Casino against three more casinos in the future: Desert Nights Casino, Liberty Casino, and Miami Club Casino. In this sequence, the comparative points will be made:

The first-time bonus

The currency selection option

The visuals

The video game software

The first-time bonus

New players may get a ten dollar ($10) no-deposit bonus at Miami Club Casino and Desert Nights Casino. Liberty Casino, on the other hand, gives a fifteen-dollar ($15) no-deposit bonus. High Noon Casino, however, does not provide any.

Liberty Casino will match your first three deposits with a 100% bonus. Miami Club Casino matches your first eight deposits 100 percent, while Desert Nights Casino matches your first eight deposits 250 percent. High Noon Casino gives a total of 300 percent bonus on two kinds of initial deposit welcome bonuses to its customers. In addition, if you make your initial deposit using Bitcoin, the casino will give you a 350 percent bonus.

The currency selection option

The currency choice at High Noon Casino is not mentioned. We learned, however, that they paid in US dollars. Liberty Casino only accepts US Dollars and Australian Dollars as payment methods. Miami Club Casino only accepts US dollars as a form of payment. Desert Nights Casino, on the other hand, accepts US dollars, Euros, South African Rands, Australian Dollars, and British Pounds.

The visuals

The sleek style can be seen at Miami Club Casino, Liberty Casino, and Desert Nights Casino. We give them a thumbs up for their visuals. High Noon Casino offers decent visuals as well, however they aren’t as smooth as High Noon Casino.

The video game software

Wagering Gaming Software is used by both Miami Club Casino and Liberty Casino. This is by far the most popular software among casino players, since it provides for a wide range of games. Desert Nights Casino, on the other hand, runs on Rival Gaming software and has a smaller selection of slot machines. High Noon Casino, on the other hand, employs RealTime Gaming software. This is one of the most popular and newest gaming programs on the market.

Should I Participate in This Casino?

You can decide whether or not to play at the casino based on the information in this article. You may proceed if you have no desire to participate in VIP programs. The casino offers a wide variety of games, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. Also, when you utilize immediate play, you receive the same sound and music experience as if you had downloaded them.

The Final Word

High Noon Casino receives a 74 on a scale of 0 to 100, with no cherry on top. The casino still has a lot of room for improvement, as seen by the flaws. We really hope that they address some of the aforementioned flaws, which we have previously discussed in this post.

The “high noon casino $60 free 2021” is a new online casino that has just opened its doors. It offers a variety of games, including slots and blackjack. The site also offers a $60 free bonus to all new players.

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