Before they become world-famous poker players, the greatest players at each game have to start somewhere. Many of them begin by playing in the less prestigious poker rooms, where their early games are not only free, but often played for low stakes. In recent years, HBO has produced a series of videos following the fortunes of some of the best players who play in the lowest stakes games available. This weekend, the program continued with a portly man who should not be confused with the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. He is not a pro fighter, but a professional poker player.

In a pivotal card game, 2 of a kind. But in poker, Hellmuth has already completed the trifecta of wins over Negreanu in three top-stakes tournaments. First, Hellmuth beat Negreanu heads-up for $86,000 in a $500/1,000 buy-in event at the WPT Jacksonville High Stakes Main Event where Hellmuth beat Negreanu heads-up for $75,000. Hellmuth then beat Negreanu heads-up at the WPT Fall Championship for $121,000. And then, Hellmuth beat Negreanu heads-up in the $10/11,000 buy-in WPT DeepStacks Deepstack event

It’s safe to say that Phil Hellmuth is one of the most respected professional poker players in the world. But that didn’t stop him from experiencing a rare nightmare run on the high stakes cash game tables of Las Vegas Thursday night.. Read more about phil hellmuth vs daniel negreanu round 2 and let us know what you think.

Phil Hellmuth is out for $400,000. On Wednesday in Las Vegas, the poker bro won his sixth consecutive high-stakes duel, and his third against Daniel Negreanu.

Many people in the poker world initially didn’t give Hellmuth much of a chance against Negreanu during the PokerGO Series. The number of matches between them proved the 15-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner right.

There’s something strange about heads-up play, where I think a lot of guys are pure mathematicians and think they have it all figured out, he told PokerGO in a post-game interview. And they get it online, but not in the real world.

So there are things I’ve been working on for a long time. I will discuss a one-on-one no-limit hold’em strategy with zero people. I don’t tell anyone because I think there are things I do that everyone thinks are bad, but I keep doing them.

After this impressive success, Hellmuth is more likely to head for the exit than another opponent.



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Negreanu dominates the early.

Both players started the 30-minute levels with 200,000 in chips. Hellmuth had already received a lot of praise for his product, and there were a few good jokes in response.

Negreanu even mentioned the brand and noted that GGPoker has recently become the world leader in gambling. Taking an early lead, Hellmuth muttered something under his breath, stood up and walked away from the table a few times.

After the first half hour, Negreanu had a lead of about 40,000, and the day began to look like the first part. He also took an early lead in this game.

I’m here to win today, so you can bluff and everything, Hellmuth said. I just want to win. I just want to play big pranks, make big phone calls, and trap you 25 times.

Hellmuth’s first attempt at an attack came in the 38th minute. Just a minute. The poker brother brought a sandwich to cool off at the table. After losing another bank to 3-3, Hellmuth again expressed his frustration.

You’re going crazy and I haven’t given you a ticket yet, he said. Although the fine for speeding is high.

Given his chip stack, which was 60,000 at the time, Negreanu replied: The good news is that we can afford it.

. A huge hand brings Hellmuth to.

Shortly after the hour, the two players exchanged blows. Hellmuth made a 3-bet with 8♣3♣, which triggered a 4-bet from Negreanu with 2♦2♣. Undeterred, Hellmuth reached into his bag of tricks and made a 5-bet.

Negreanu called and raised the pot to 70,000 preflop, producing 10♦6♠J♣. Hellmuth checks, Negreanu bets 21,000 and calls.

A 6♣ fell on the turn and Hellmuth bet 42,000. Negreanu went into the tank, took advantage of an extension of time, but eventually gave up.

A huge bluff brought Hellmuth into the lead, taking 154,000 in chips. That gives him almost 218,000 in chips against Negreanu’s 182,000.

Hellmuth’s tendency to be taciturn seems to have taken its toll. After being outplayed for most of the game, this hand brought a real turnaround.

Shortly after, Hellmuth won another pot with top pair against Negreanu’s middle pair. That advantage didn’t last long and Negreanu quickly recaptured the chip lead.

In the second hour, they fought amongst themselves. Hellmuth’s ill-timed bluff around the 90th. Minutes in, Negreanu brought a nice pot. On the turn Q♥2♥ Kid Poker got a third deuce.

He knows I’m doing good, Hellmuth mumbles. It’s not like he’s gonna run me over. No one ever hit me.

Phil Hellmuth looks at his cards in the High Stakes Duel Show. (Photo courtesy of PokerGO)

Talk time

In the next hand, Hellmuth raised with Q♥10♥ and Negreanu finished with 10♦9♦. The flop Q♦3♦K♦ brought Negreanu a flush draw and he bet 2,000 after Hellmuth checked.

I got called, and on the turn I had 9♥. Negreanu bets 6,000 and Hellmuth calls for 24,000 in the pot.

A 6♣ fell on the river and Negreanu bet 32,000, resulting in a fairly quick fold. Hellmuth once again made his way around the PokerGO studio with a confident pep talk. Later, Negreanu began to imitate these motivational speeches.

Okay, you know you’re going to make it, keep it up, he said after Hellmuth won the pot. Go ahead and don’t fall into his traps. It’s all right, it’s all right.

This elicited a laugh from Negreanu, and there was much humorous discussion throughout the match. Shortly after the pep talk, Negreanu raised with a pair of queens and won a pot of 30,000 chips.

Big pot for poker brother

After about two hours of play at the 500/1000 blinds, Negreanu raised his bet to 2,500 from the 9♠9♣-batton. Hellmuth 3-bets to 11,000 with Q♥3♥. After a call, both players saw the 3♣3♠2♠ flop.

Hellmuth checks, Negreanu bets 7,000, and his opponent raises to 25,000. Negreanu followed and a 5♣ fell on the turn. Hellmuth checked and Negreanu raised to 35,000.

This led to a quick all-in from Hellmuth for the final 126,000. Negreanu took advantage of an extension of time before making the final call. The river brought the 10♥ and Hellmuth cashed 325,000 for a huge haul.

He added another pot of 47,000 chips after Negreanu hit a straight with a wheel. But Hellmuth’s 6-7 hit an even bigger straight. Negreanu’s chip stack dropped to about 51,000.

Kid Poker, however, is back on track. By the start of the fourth hour, he had increased his stack to over 100,000. He went ahead and extended the play.



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kings over kings; cooler close

Just after the fourth hour, a big hand seemed to bring Negreanu back into the fray. Hellmuth raised with K♣K♠ against K♥K♦ Negreanu.

Hellmuth bet 8,000 and raised to 23,000. He then called all-in and Negreanu of course called.

Only coolness could prevent the pot from breaking. And that’s what happened: 10♦A♦2♦ on the flop and 9♥ on the turn.

But the 8♦ on the river gives Negreanu a flush and almost brings the game back to a tie.

Daniel Negreanu celebrates with his pocket kings over Phil Hellmuth’s pocket kings in the high-stakes duel. (Photo courtesy of PokerGO)

By the fifth hour, Hellmuth had regained the lead. After making about 60,000, he continued to pick up cans here and there. But several key all-in strokes yielded Hellmuth errors, and Negreanu even had the advantage at times.

Hellmuth, however, had a slight advantage towards the end of the match when another cooler appeared. Negreanu called with 5♠6♠ and Hellmuth checked from the big blind with 10♦6♦.

The flop brought 2♦7♠9♦♦, Hellmuth checked and then called Negreanu’s bet of 6,000. The turn brought a deciding card – 8♥.

This gave Negreanu a straight 9, but his opponent made a straight 10. Negreanu bet 12,000 and Hellmuth thought for 30 seconds before raising to 30,000. Negreanu then went all-in and Hellmuth called.

The river brought 3♠ and play returned to Hellmuth. A huge cooler put an end to an exciting battle between two Hall of Poker celebrities.

Analysis of action

Although his approach and whining have earned him much criticism, Hellmuth has once again shown why he is a great player. He clearly knows how to fight these battles.

Negreanu played well during the first hour, but also found a way to intercept Poker Brat’s chips. On the river, he made a big bet that often put Hellmuth to the test. Several significant preflop raises in position also paid off.

Hellmuth used big bluffs again, as he did in the second game. But Negreanu seemed ready to give a little arm-twist, as he noted.

But the luck factor, as commentator Maria Ho called it, seems to have paid off for Hellmuth. Convincing him to join this massive bluff seemed difficult given his usual style of play.

After the match, the two players congratulated each other on their friendly approach to the sport. High Stakes Duel has put on another great poker show featuring two of the biggest personalities in poker.Freddy “The Cat” Hellmuth has done it again. The poker pro completed what he calls a “trifecta of wins” over fellow professional poker player Doyle Brunson on Sunday, July 1st, when he posted a 2.44 million chip score in a no-limit hold’em tournament. The 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event champion A-game pro, who finished the tournament with 18.1 million in chips, was up against Brunson’s 9.2 million at the time. Brunson was eliminated after Hellmuth completed the “Kiwi Bounce” – a hand that has no value – pocket queens and re-raised with the queen-jack of diamonds.. Read more about hellmuth vs negreanu heads-up and let us know what you think.

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