Just weeks after reports suggested that the United States was moving towards legalising online poker, the American States of America has announced their plans to offer real money online poker to US players. The new site, called “GPPoker”, will offer a variety of games including Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo cash game, as well as the free-to-play rummy game “Tango”.

The last time you logged into the GGPoker website you may have noticed that a new poker site has been added. This new site, called GGPoker.com, has been designed to bring a huge range of poker games and promotions to the US players. What is GGPoker all about? The site is a virtual poker room that offers hundreds of real money games and promotions for all US players.

Good Game Poker has announced the launch of a brand new poker site for US players.. Read more about clubgg poker and let us know what you think.

The conventional online poker industry in the United States is now restricted to only a few states. Many American players, though, still prefer sweepstakes-style online poker.

GGPoker has now joined the party, announcing the opening of ClubGG yesterday. The platform is a separate division of the company’s real-money poker division. Players may, however, take use of the site’s well-regarded software.

ClubGG aspires to revolutionize the subscription/sweepstakes poker business. A spokesperson from the business talked with USPoker recently about the new launch.

Up to $600, you’ll get a 100% refund. in cash and tickets, or $100 in cash and tickets


100% up to $600


100% up to $600 in cash or $100 in tickets on deposit

Achievable milestones and a rewards scheme

To make a claim, go to Get Started and fill out the form.

What is ClubGG online poker, and how does it work?

In the United States, subscription-based poker is nothing new. For years, the World Poker Tour has had its own brand. With over a million participants, Global Poker has become a popular social gaming choice.

Many of these services allow users to pay a monthly membership fee or purchase virtual currency. Then there’s the option to play for real money.

Sites such as Zynga Poker allow users to play for virtual money as well. ClubGG aims to bring something fresh to the table, and gamers may look forward to:

  • Monthly memberships start at $49.99.
  • Every month, prizes totaling $100,000 are awarded during live events.
  • The GGClass training platform is available for free.
  • The GGStore is offering a 20% discount.
  • Whether it’s a desktop application or a mobile app, it’s available.

ClubGG wants to concentrate a lot of activity on earning live tournament entries, in addition to the opportunity to win cash and prizes. A major part of it is GGPoker’s relationship with the World Series of Poker. The site also emphasizes the ability for users to compete with their friends.

“We just awarded our first of many tickets to the WSOP Main Event a few days ago,” a ClubGG staff member stated. “In less than a week, three fortunate players converted $49.99 into a $10,000 WSOP spot.

“ClubGG combines the popular home game/club games with subscription-based sweepstakes poker in a new concept. It’s a global poker platform where practically anybody can establish their own club and play for free with their friends.”

@MrEstrada303 @realCJamBlues ‘M0 LIFE’ ‘M0 LIFE’ ‘M0 LIFE’ ‘M0 LIFE’ ‘M0 LIFE’ ‘M0 LIFE’ ‘M0 LIFE’ ‘M0 LIFE’ ‘M0 LIFE’ ‘M0 LI Price: $49.99 WSOP Ticket for $10,000. ARE YOU PLAYING AN EASY GAME? #ClubGG #WSOP #SeeYouInVegas pic.twitter.com/aZKiEqINMu #ClubGG #WSOP #SeeYouInVegas

August 12, 2021 — ClubGG (@ClubGG Poker)

The newest poker alternative from a rapidly expanding company

GGPoker has earned a lot of headlines across the world in recent months. For cash game players, the site has surpassed PokerStars, and it is presently hosting the WSOP Online for players outside of the United States.

GG was approved as a manufacturer in Pennsylvania in February. That implies that in that state, a software collaboration with a casino may be feasible at some time.

GG has made clear indications of wanting to enter the US market. In the meanwhile, ClubGG provides an opportunity for the business to grow its player base and promote its brand. The sweepstakes site, on the other hand, is a “different beast” that focuses more on live event qualifiers, according to the firm.


According to the business, “we aim to bring joy back to poker by reducing the barrier of entry for casual players who want to play with their friends or social groups and qualify for live tournaments.” “ClubGG is our reimagining of the old.NET play-money concept in a contemporary, paradigm-shifting way.

“We’re not just taking a tiny step toward changing the online-live scene; we’re trampling on it, and we want to make it the new standard for how players qualify for live tournaments. Forget about playing live satellites, which often cost 10% of the buy-in. To get there, forget about playing a million super satellites. We’ll provide everything to you for a fraction of the cost, with comfort at your fingertips on software that’s unrivaled.”

To get a WSOP ticket, do a test drive.

Francisco Estrada, 27, was one of the site’s first three players to win a WSOP admission. He started playing poker at the age of 18 while working as an Amazon delivery driver in Denver, Colorado. He was one among the first to try out ClubGG.

“The experience was phenomenal,” he adds, “the visuals were on spot, and it felt like straight-up real poker on my phone, which was very convenient.”

1628867777_860_GGPoker-Launches-New-Sweepstakes-Poker-Site-for-US-PlayersAt ClubGG poker, Francisco Estrada had the winning hand.

Taking a risk on the site paid off handsomely. This autumn, Estrada will compete in the WSOP Main Event.

He describes the experience as “totally wonderful” and “still strange.” “Everything seems to be a dream. But then I come to and understand that this is my reality. I’m really pleased with how I progressed through each step one day at a time.

“I’m ecstatic with the chance ClubGG has given me, and I’m ready to go all out. I’m simply waiting for the right opportunity to put all of my hard work to use.”

In the first-ever poker event, I won a spot in the WSOP Main Event.

Cameron Fegers was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and currently calls Washington, DC home. On ClubGG, the Columbia University graduate was also given a Main Event entry.

Incredibly, Fegers won a seat in the WSOP Main Event in his first-ever poker event.

“I noticed the platinum membership ad during the installation process and decided to enter their Main Event giveaway,” he explains. “I’d never played in a genuine tournament before, so there was a lot of doubt about whether I’d even make it to the final round.”

Fegers liked the ClubGG vibe and found the program to be user-friendly and efficient. He’s now trying to capitalize on his online popularity even more.

“I had strategies in place for dealing with various scenarios that might come up at the tables on the day of the final stage event, and I simply played my game,” he adds. “I remained patient and made several tight folds to avoid going out of line.

“It was all worth it in the end. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that I will not pass up. Few individuals can claim they’ve competed in the World Series of Poker Main Event. I want to do more than just compete.”

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