This is the first post in a series of 3 articles on the psychology behind why people gamble, the science behind online gambling addiction, and how gamblers can better their chances.

Gambling is a popular and legal pastime that can be enjoyed by all, from the young to the old, and even by pregnant women. It can be fun and entertaining, but it can also be dangerous and addictive. Many people have lost huge sums of money gambling, while others have become hooked on gambling, and have had to resort to desperate measures to pay off their debts. This article will explain what gambling addiction is, and how it can be treated.

Online casinos are at the forefront of the gambling industry, and have become almost as much of a mainstream part of society as the WWE is to the sports industry. With Australia home to hundreds of large and small online gaming sites, this country has become a hub for online gambling. Along with this growth has come increased scrutiny, and the government has been very active in regulating the industry.. Read more about why do i gamble until i lose and let us know what you think.

By presenting (new) games of chance to a person as a recreational sport in which he or she can win more money with a bit of luck, one generates interest. They willingly start making bets. When they win, they’re happier. If they lose, they keep playing with the hope of winning. Usually the reward is not in winning, but in the enjoyment of the game. There is a certain hormone in the brain that stimulates desire, motivation and arousal. This hormone is dopamine. What is the link between gambling and dopamine? Credit word-image-2606

What is dopamine?

Dopamine is considered a chemical messenger that transmits motivation or good feelings from the brain to the body when something pleasant or useful happens. Gamblers often get a dopamine rush from the excitement of gambling, whether they win or lose. Gaming, however, is not the only pleasurable activity that triggers the release of dopamine in the body. Other pleasurable activities that trigger the production of dopamine include: Eating, shopping, eating out, scrolling through social media, window shopping, going to the movies, exercising, having sex, etc. Dopamine is not only released when we are happy, but also when we are stressed or when we lose a game of chance. In this article you can read more about it. If you’ve been wondering all this time what motivates you to play the game again, whether you win or lose, you now know it’s dopamine. word-image-7247 Get an exclusive $40 free to try Lucky Tiger Casino! Click on ORDER NOW ⇈ above.

Gambling and Dopamine – Winning

As mentioned earlier, engaging in pleasurable activities causes dopamine to be released in the body. When you win thousands of dollars in bets, you feel the ultimate euphoria. Right now you’re on top of the world and nothing else matters. You can even go further and celebrate with alcohol or illegal drugs (although this is not recommended). Sometimes you don’t have to win to get high. Just placing a bet gets you excited. The excitement associated with gambling is perfectly normal and healthy. You need the motivation that comes with that to have a clear head and be ready for any challenge. However, problems arise when dopamine becomes too much and leads to impulsive gambling.

Gambling and Dopamine – losses

Normally, if you lose a bet, you should feel bad and get out of the game. That’s the one thing a gambler never does. On the contrary, the desire to continue betting is increasing. This impulse awakens in you pure enthusiasm and gives you hope that you can regain what you have lost. It’s absolutely illogical, and that’s how dopamine works. Dopamine doesn’t use logic to release rewarding sensations in your body. Instead of worrying about losing, it makes your brain feel like you’re a winner even when you lose. This motivates you to keep playing, even at the expense of your finances. This is how problem gambling begins. If you lose, keep betting. You lose again and again until you lose all your money. If you’re not already in debt, dopamine can drive you to sell, borrow or even steal personal items to keep playing. It doesn’t stop, even when you’re in debt. You keep borrowing or stealing, depending on the situation. Here you are a certified problem solver.

Light, sound and dopamine

Casinos and other gambling establishments understand the concept of dopamine and how it can be beneficial to business, and use it to their advantage. Have you noticed how they create online and offline betting sites? The physical facilities are usually decorated with colorful lights, and board games, good music and other forms of entertainment are ubiquitous. The slot machines have colored reels, flashing lights and different sounds. If you win a match, a victory tune is played for you as the lights come on. If you lose, the loss jingle will sound and the lights will continue to blink. Moreover, online providers create game sites with colorful and flashy texts, different sounds and other attractions. All of this reinforces the desire to play. You don’t even have to play to feel motivated. The lights, sounds and other attractions already make you feel like a winner. They also encourage you to keep betting whether you win or lose. Reviews on gambling sites, whether real, exaggerated or fake, can also lead to gambling addiction.

The flip side of the dopamine game

Now that dopamine has been discussed in gambling wins and losses, this article will look at the downside of dopamine:

  1. Bet to death

You may find it hard to stop betting even if your chances of winning are slim. It’s because you’re motivated by a good feeling. Usually, when a player is taken out of this state by something or someone, he begins to feel guilty. Most problem gamblers admit that there is something that drives them to constantly feel the need to gamble more, even when they are losing.

  1. Illicit drug use and alcohol abuse

Players who abuse alcohol and other substances admit to getting high on them. Even though you know it can be harmful to your body, all you care about is the good feeling the dopamine gives you. For some, drugs and alcohol give them the high they need before they play. When players realize they are up to their ears in debt, they turn to alcohol and drugs to escape this reality. The dopamine rush they get from alcohol and drugs makes them think everything is still okay.

  1. steal money

Problem gamblers who steal money admit that they cannot control their desires. They knew what they were doing was wrong, but the idea of playing this game gave them an intoxication of pleasurable feelings that prompted them to set aside their morals.

  1. Disappointment

The excitement to keep playing increases with renewed vigor until you begin to understand how to fool the house or other players. It’s expected that if you get caught, it won’t end well.

  1. Losing track of time

The need to keep betting even when you lose makes you lose track of time. Time that could have been used for other things is now spent in the office or at the computer. In the end, you feel even worse: unmotivated, stressed and useless. 6. Anxiety and lack of sleep Dopamine makes you feel anxious about a new bet. Excited by the prospect of winning, you may spend sleepless nights thinking up new game strategies. It is to be expected that without adequate sleep, you will never feel fresh.

How to control dopamine

As mentioned earlier in this article, dopamine is a perfectly normal sensation. But you have to control it and not let it control you. Too much dopamine causes players to take risks, while too little dopamine causes depression. So how do we maintain a healthy dopamine balance?

  1. Check yourself

There’s nothing better than knowing you’re in control of your gaming sessions. If you’re worried about losing track of time, it’s best to put a timer on your watch. Know when to stop playing and leave the casino. You can also take a break now and then. Also, limit your alcohol consumption and avoid drugs.

  1. Talk to the doctor.

If you feel your dopamine levels are too high or too low, talk to your doctor. Doctors can detect a disturbance in dopamine levels and prescribe medications to increase or decrease dopamine levels. word-image-7248 Get an exclusive $40 free to try Lucky Tiger Casino! Click on ORDER NOW ⇈ above.

Dopamine call

The dopamine challenge, made popular by Silicon Valley’s Dr. Cameron Sepah, involves fasting on dopamine. He says that this will help the body to wean itself off the pleasures of gambling and other activities. According to Dr. Seraph, taking a break from pleasurable activities helps the brain recover and get back on track. It is believed that fasting with dopamine brings back health and concentration. However, many scientists consider it a fad and say that dopamine makes fasting impossible no matter what you do.


You see there is indeed a link between gambling and dopamine. When you become addicted to gambling, the dopamine no longer releases the pleasurable sensations of gambling. This is because your brain and body are already used to gambling. Therefore, problem gamblers turn to other vices like alcohol and drugs to stay high. It will be easier for you to exercise self-control once you understand that dopamine controls your ups and downs.If you’ve ever been to a casino, odds are you’ve tried your hand at blackjack or craps. While these games may be exciting to play, there’s a good chance that you’ve played them more than you’ve played slot machines. Why? Slot machines are much more addictive. They’re better at delivering dopamine than blackjack or craps because they have a faster tempo and a different feel than those games. This can make them more fun to play, but it can also make them more addictive.. Read more about gambling mindset and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does gambling release dopamine?

This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy. Our brains are wired to release dopamine, the brain’s feel good chemical, when we win money at the blackjack table. So, does this mean that gambling is a good idea in order to stay in the mood? The answer is no. Gambling can lead you into a spiral where all you want to do is gamble, and then you constantly want to lose.

What do slot machines do to the human brain?

The mind can be a cruel thing. As we begin to understand what makes us tick, we discover our own worst impulses and darkest vices. For example, we might discover that we enjoy gambling and want to put that money towards something that makes us happy. We might reflexively start to wonder if there is an evolutionary reason for gambling to be pleasurable, and we might then start to wonder what makes our brain so drawn to a certain form of gambling in the first place. The idea of gambling for profit is an age-old practice. However, the idea of gambling for fun has grown in popularity over the last decade.

Does gambling release endorphins?

There are numerous books and studies written about the positive effects of playing casino games. They say that playing casino games can release endorphins which can lead to an increase in dopamine levels in the brain. Since we’ve all heard the term “Wishing Well” in reference to the state of gambling, why do we constantly hear about people who gamble and then blow out their life savings in a single session? Is there something magical that happens when people gamble that makes them lose more than they can afford? Well, it’s true, there’s something special about gambling. But it’s not the same thing as wishing, instead, it’s the release of natural chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters, which have been shown to increase feelings of pleasure and happiness. However, the effects of these chemicals are not the same for everyone.

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