A new innovative smoking detection system has been launched at the fresh.com, which is an ideal solution for casinos in need of a modernized and effective way to keep their properties safe from harmful secondhand smoke. The system uses high-efficiency sensors that provide massive amounts of data on how much smoke enters your room through walls or vents, helping you make informed decisions about whether it’s time to take action by turning off offending machines or asking guests not to use them altogether.

The “freshair sensor” is a system that helps to provide a healthy environment for casino hotel guests. The sensors are installed in the hotel room and detect smoke from cigarettes, cigars, and marijuana.

FreshAir’s Highly Effective Smoking Detection System Helps to Provide Healthful Environment for Casino Hotel Guests

Lebanon, New Hampshire, February 24, 2022 — FreshAir, a pioneer in the development of sensors to detect and alert for hazardous chemicals, touts its unique and highly effective FreshAir Smoking Detection System for casino hotels, which is the only technology available to monitor for, immediately detect, and prove tobacco and marijuana smoking. Customers’ worries about cleanliness have grown as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, which is typically articulated as a sensitivity to the presence of cigarette smoke and persistent aromas in guest rooms. FreshAir sensors serve to ensure customers that casino hotels are clean.

Casino hotel owners may use the FreshAir Smoking Detection System to enforce no-smoking laws, safeguard infrastructure investments, secure cleaning fees, and minimize chargebacks. FreshAir sensors tell casino hotel management from the first cigarette that a client is smoking in a room, eliminating the need for a long and expensive cleanup procedure, as well as the possibility of substantial unhappiness among nearby and future customers.

The FreshAir devices are WiFi enabled, enabling them to promptly alert hotel employees of any smoking occurrences or device manipulation. As a consequence, personnel may stop someone from smoking after only one cigarette, preventing room damage and significant customer discontent. These innovative smoke detection sensors drastically decrease the need for remediation, soothe consumer worries about cleanliness, and keep customers loyal to the casino’s brand by continuously defending no-smoking zones in real time.

FreshAir sensors can identify particular molecules in tobacco and marijuana smoke, unlike traditional smoke detectors that utilize light or radiation to detect generic particles (dust, smoke, steam, etc.). Furthermore, the molecularly imprinted polymer that makes up the sensor resets after smoking detection, allowing for continuous monitoring without the need for extra maintenance.

FreshAir devices, which use proprietary PolySens® technology, are widely used in industry-leading casinos to detect and verify smoking in forbidden areas. These tamper-resistant gadgets and cloud-based monitoring platform are meant to assist defend no-smoking zones in real time by preventing attempts to thwart detection.


Visit https://www.freshairsensor.com/ for more information about FreshAir.

The “airguard secondhand smoke detector” is a device that helps to provide healthful environment for casino hotel guests. It can detect secondhand smoke in the air and send alerts when it detects any.

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