The partnership will allow Covers to leverage Chalkline’s proprietary technology, which is designed to create a user-friendly experience for players of online games.

Chalk Gaming is a new gaming company that has partnered with Covers to launch their free-to-play games.

Covers-Partners-With-Chalkline-to-Launch-Free-to-play-GamesTENNESSEE, TENNESSEE, TENNESSEE, TENNESSEE, TENNESSEE, Covers, one of the biggest and most reputable online sources for sports betting information, has partnered with Chalkline to provide a suite of live-odds prediction games at

“Covers Freeplay” is a series of live-odds, free-to-play pick’em and prop competitions in which players may compete for cash prizes and Covers merchandise.

Over time, the firm intends to extend its freeplay options to include in-play sports betting competitions, live-odds streak games, and sponsor-integrated challenges, among other kinds of fan-driven interaction.

The deal will help the media company’s acquisition and retention efforts in sports betting. Covers will also use Chalkline’s best-in-class “BettorBI” technology to provide more customized and predictive information to its over 500,000 registered users.

“We take great pleasure in the fact that we’ve been a top resource for bettors since 1995,” says Covers. Covers has grown in size in the last year as sports betting legislation spreads throughout North America. Simply stated, improving our gaming and business intelligence skills is a logical step in our company’s development,” said Andrew Garven, Covers’ Head of Marketing.


“As the market develops, this is part of our journey to continually enhance better engagement with greater localization, customization, and education.”

“We’re delighted to start this long-term partnership with Covers,” said Daniel Kustelski, co-founder and CEO of Chalkline.

“In the sports betting content market, Covers is one of the most well-known and recognized companies. We think that this collaboration will help the Covers brand distinguish itself and stand out in an increasingly crowded market.”

The chalk line apparel is a company that has partnered with Covers to launch free-to-play games.

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