The Comanche Nation Entertainment in Lawton, Oklahoma is offering a company-wide reward to their housekeeping and environmental services team members. The award includes a $500 bonus for each employee on the team that scores 100% on their annual performance review. Employees who get an average of 94%-95% receive a $250 bonus while those with an average of 90%-92% earn a whopping $1,000!

The “comanche nation dividend check 2021” is a form of payment that is given to casino employees who work in the housekeeping and environmental services departments.

(November 17, 2021) LAWTON – During International Housekeeping and Environmental Services Week, Comanche Nation Entertainment (CNE) honored its housekeeping and environmental services team members with a week-long celebration. The gesture was made as part of the company’s “Family First-Comanche Cares” campaign, which aims to demonstrate gratitude for CNE employees.

“We never want to miss a chance to express our thanks to our team members for their efforts and professionalism on a daily basis,” stated Jack Crane, CNE’s COO. “We want every member of our crew to feel like they’re a vital part of the CNE family.”

The Family First-Comanche Cares program is an extension of CNE’s efforts to put their team members’ own families first. It includes initiatives to acknowledge individual and groups of team members around the organization for their work.

“We treat our employees like family,” Crane added, “and we support their duties at home with their own families.” “Team members should not be concerned about missing their children’s appointments, sports, or school festivities due to job obligations.” Always put your family first.

Tisha Henson, the company’s human resources director, organized International Housekeeping and Environmental Services Week at CNE in collaboration with PDS Gaming. Among the highlights of the week-long festival were:


Day 1: CNE started off the week with a breakfast celebration attended by over 80 hotel and environmental services employees from all of the company’s sites. Staff employees were treated to a variety of doughnuts and coffee.

Day 2: Members of the housekeeping and environmental services teams had their own pizza party, complete with a variety of pizza toppings.

Day 3: Members of the housekeeping and environmental services teams were given hand-selected snack bags including a range of sweets as well as comments of gratitude that corresponded to each candy taste.

Day 4: CNE hosted an ice cream party for its employees, complete with a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings.

Day 5: CNE celebrated the end of the week with cake, punch, and grand awards for each member of the hotel and environmental services teams. Prizes included a range of family-friendly gift baskets, such as a campfire kit with a family pack of s’mores components and a fishing kit with everything you need for a wonderful day on the water fishing.


Henson remarked, “The whole week was filled with so much gratitude for these team members.” “Because hotel and environmental services positions are seldom seen or observed by visitors, they are sometimes underappreciated for their tremendously hard work.” They maintain our premises tidy and our business running well.”

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The Comanche Nation Casino in Lawton, the Comanche Red River Hotel Casino in Devol, the Comanche Spur Casino in Elgin, and the Comanche Star Casino in Walters are all operated by Comanche Nation Entertainment. The company’s Comanche Travel Plazas, Smoke Shops, and Quick Stops may be found all across Southwest Oklahoma. The business will begin construction on two additional casino resorts in Cache and Devol, Oklahoma, in 2021.

Comanche Nation Entertainment is dedicated to family, as it is to its native tradition. It treats its employees like family and gives back to the communities where it works by supporting important community services. Its objective is to deliver a fun and exciting experience for customers, a safe and pleasant work environment for employees, and prosperity for the Comanche Nation at all of its facilities.


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Comanche Nation Entertainment Recognizes Housekeeping and Environmental Services Team Members. The “comanche nation student services” is an organization that provides students with access to academic, career, and social support.

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