The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BC LDB or BCLC) publishes the first single game betting stats, which includes data on how many bets were placed and paid out for each sport. This allows us to see just how risky different sports are to play in British Columbia.

The “bclc salaries 2020” is a new report that has been released by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The report includes data on gambling trends, demographics, and what is being done to ensure that people are safe when playing games of chance.

Single-event sports betting is off to a strong start in British Columbia, according to the latest statistics released by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The Crown agency released the first results of the new betting product accessible on its platform on November 1, 2021. In only two months, gamblers in the province managed to wager a total of CA$25 million on a single sporting event.


Wagering on specific sports events became permitted at the end of August when Bill C-218 was signed into law by the Canadian federal government. Provinces may now deliver the product to their different markets in their own unique style. The BCLC did not waste any time in implementing the new gaming vertical, and the company currently has a sizable singles betting volume.

Volume Intensification


Lynda Cavanaugh, interim President and CEO of the BCLC, said the level of single-game bets made is a remarkable milestone for the Crown organization. The Crown’s online platform, in her view, is in a terrific position, since it provides incredibly exciting and engaging sports wagering in a secure atmosphere. The website is the only one of its kind in the world that donates a portion of its profits to the local economy of British Columbia.

Since the start of single-game betting on, the NFL has been the most popular sport to bet on. In compared to the same time last year, when only parlay wagers were allowed, the betting volume on NFL wagers jumped by 97 percent during the first seven weeks of the football season.

The week 4 matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New England Patriots had the largest betting volume since single-game betting was introduced. The match-up accounted for 69 percent of all bets and 80 percent of all money placed on the new betting platform. In addition, wagers on the NHL have climbed by 71% in the first 19 days of the season compared to the same period last year.

Despite the growth in overall sports wagering activity, the Crown corporation remains concerned about the health of the players. The BCLC also advises players that if they have any gaming issues, they should contact the GameSense Advisors, who are accessible via phone and chat. Experts will then provide assistance or recommend you to the appropriate therapy.

New Study

Thompson Rivers University performed study on the effect of the BCLC on the Kamloops area in October. According to the report, the Crown has able to reinvest approximately CA$2.2 billion in the local economy and development of the area over the course of its 35-year operations, owing to its gaming activities. In addition, the crown offers several full-time employment, with as many as 667 for Kamloops in 2019/20.

Statistics on the Economy Have Been Revealed

The Crown organization presented its Annual Service Report at the end of August, which contained the financial performance for 2020-2021. During that time, the corporation generated record-breaking income from its lottery and iGaming operations, indicating that the institution is well on its way to recovering from the unusual circumstance and its consequences.

BCLC, November 1, 2021, “BCLC Breaks $25-Million Mark in Single-Event Sports Bets on”

The “bclc community impact report” is a document that was published by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. It is the first single game betting stats in Canada.

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