The British Columbia government is providing millions of dollars in funding to help Indigenous communities across the province. The announcement came on International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, which was marked by a number of events including an indigenous dance performance at Province House and a rally outside.

The “bc first nations gaming revenue sharing limited partnership” is a program that provides millions of dollars to Indigenous communities. The program was created by the B.C. government in an effort to support the development of First Nations gaming.

B.C. Provides Millions to Indigenous Communities

The government of British Columbia announced last week that it would provide a one-time donation to Indigenous communities in the province. The payout, estimated to be worth about CA$74 million, will be a compensation for the First Nations, who have suffered significant losses as a result of the shutdown of casino operations during the previous two years.


In 2017, the British Columbia government signed a reconciliation deal with Indigenous communities to give them 7% of the money generated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. The Crown company, however, had to shut properties owing to the exigency of the unprecedented scenario in March 2020, and its income decreased by 80% for the year.

Making Up for Recent Losses


Indigenous Relations Minister Murray Rankin stated on Thursday that the government would reimburse First Nations for the casino payment deficit. This will be accomplished by the distribution of a one-time gift of CA$74 million. The local government hopes that the monies will be used to assist Indigenous communities and secure community services as a result of the award.

Mr. Rankin went on to say that the recent floods and forest fires had had a greater effect on Indigenous people than on the rest of the community. He claims that the decline in money was determined to be CA$74 million less than planned when the two parties signed the sharing agreement in 2017.

The 25-year casino revenue-sharing agreement is in place, and earnings from the Crown corporation’s lottery and casino operations are almost back to normal. According to the BCLC, the seven-percent share amounted to about CA$123 million between 2019 and 2021. The B.C. First Nations Gaming Commission, co-chaired by Ktunaxa Nation Council executive Kathryn Teneese and Judith Sayers, manages the Crown’s income.

The Ktunaxa Nation is credited for helping to design the income sharing agreement, as well as converting the old St. Eugene residential school in their Kootenay territory into a profitable golf resort with a casino. The award, according to Ms. Teneese, will allow Indigenous communities to restart their planning and implementation goals for this and next year.

The outcomes are beginning to improve.

The BCLC has made progress in recovering from the impact of the unusual circumstance this year. The Crown agency’s PlayNow online platform claimed the most Super Bowl betting ever in February. The platform processed around CA$2.1 million in wagers on the NFL final, which was the first Super Bowl since single-event betting was legalized.

The BCLC was also included in Corporate Knights’ first social purpose study, The Social Purpose Transition Pathway: Helping Companies Move From “Say” to “Do,” which was released recently. The Crown was given a platinum grade in the report, and it was praised for its outstanding service and commitment to the province of British Columbia and its people.

Tom Fletcher, Tom Fletcher, Tom Fletcher, Tom Fletcher, Tom Vancouver Island Free Daily, April 21, 2022, “B.C. offers $74 million to compensate Indigenous casino and lottery losses.”

The “what does indigenous mean” is a term that has been used in Canada for centuries. It refers to the original inhabitants of North America, which include First Nations and Inuit. The province of British Columbia provides millions to Indigenous Communities.

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