“I wanted to share this story with you because when I was spending time with my son, I had the chance to see something that I know for a fact is true. And I think it’s a story that needs to be told. I would like to think that somebody else will pick up my story and share it with someone else.”

A Bingo mom won a $10 million Lotto Max draw last week, which is the biggest jackpot the province has seen since the game was introduced in 2010. And while the mother doesn’t want the money, she will have to wait until December 31, 2021 to receive it.

A lucky Vancouver BC mom had her dreams come true when she won the top prize in the Lotto Max draw, racking up a jackpot of over $6 million! Jodyn Cooley of North Vancouver B.C. matched all four numbers in the June 2 draw to win the top prize of $6,568,871.60.

Almost every week, a new lottery billionaire is discovered in Canada, and this week has seen many large lottery rewards distributed throughout the nation. Eiko Yamase of Richmond, British Columbia, is the newest millionaire lottery player after winning CA$1,000,000 in the fan-favorite Lotto Max game.


Ms. Yamase discussed her big victory and herself after coming at a BCLC office to collect her reward. The Richmond mother, who spends her free time watching Netflix or YouTube, claimed she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw that the numbers on her ticket matched all of the winning numbers in the draw.

The draw will be held on June 18th.


Ms. Yamase was lucky enough to have her lottery ticket selected as the winning one in the famous Lotto Max game on Friday, June 18th. She is now the happy owner of a Maxmillion award for a total of CA$1,000,000, a life-changing sum. The lady had difficulty comprehending the idea that she had won after seeing her numbers precisely match with the winning one.

She also disclosed some of her intentions with the large sum of money, stating that she wants to invest a part of it toward her children’s education. And, for herself, she wants to cross something off her bucket list: she has always wanted to visit Toronto, Halifax, and Prince Edward Island, as she said after landing in the nation. She will undoubtedly be able to do so with the money.

A Sault Ste. Marie couple has won a substantial prize.

There has been the announcement of yet another major winner, or winners, from the past. Ken Marshall and Debby Chapman of Sault Ste. Marie won the Maxmillion prize in the Lotto Max draw, according to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission. On June 4, 2021, their ticket was selected as being eligible for the massive CA$1,000,000 prize.

The pair said that they like playing lottery games because of the large rewards and that they are frequent participants in the draw-based game. Ms. Chapman said that she had to double-check her ticket after seeing the Big Winner SMS when she arrived at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto. They want to spend the money on a new trailer for them, split it with their family, and set aside a part for retirement.

Moreover Winners of the Million Dollar Prize

The OLG announced another Maxmillion prize winner this week, when Antoine Beaini of Milton came to the Crown’s office to collect his reward. The 67-year-ticket old’s matched the winning one for one of the Maxmillion prizes during Lotto Max’s June 18 draw, making him a millionaire. The lottery winner said that he has been playing since 1982 and that his numbers had finally paid off.

Two Manitoba lottery ticket buyers won a Maxmillion reward during the skyrocketing of lottery prizes in the Lotto Max game in June. The first winner is in Winnipeg, while the other is elsewhere in the province, according to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation. The winning numbers for Winnipeg were 1, 19, 22, 39, 40, 45, and 48, with the other numbers being 1, 12, 30, 36, 41, 45, and 47.

“‘I didn’t know what to do,’ says BC parent after $1 million lottery win,” Kamloops Now, August 23, 2021.

A mom from Kamloops, B.C. won $1 million on the Lotto Max draw. but she won’t be spending her money on a vacation or a luxury car. Instead, she’ll be donating it to her kids’ education. Carolann Kalania, who works as a business analyst, claims she bought a ticket with her work because she wasn’t allowed to buy one from her personal account. She missed the $2.49 million jackpot, and bought the Max for her kids.. Read more about lotto max big winner and let us know what you think.

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