Poker has never been as prevalent as it is today. Celebrities, sports stars and other public servants share the game with everyone. The biggest players are even celebrities such as Scott Ian of Anthrax and Billy Wagner of the New York Mets.

One of the most memorable parts of Anthrax’s performance at the Potawatomi Bingo Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last night was the band’s set closer, “I’m the Man”. The tune featured a slow, low-key guitar riff that got the crowd to chant “I’M THE MAN” for the entirety of the song. It also came at a point during the show when Anthrax had their instruments stolen, causing the band to run through the halls with their gear to find it.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Anthrax’s Scott Ian is hosting a charity poker tournament to raise money for victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti. The Anthrax drummer will play in his usual rock-star attire and take home a portion of the proceeds, in order to help raise money for non-profit organizations who wish to help those affected by the earthquake. “I have never played in a tournament that has this much meaning to it, so I am thrilled to be able to help raise money for the people who need it most,” said Ian.

For the first Rock the Pot charity online poker event, it’s rock ‘n’ roll all night and poker all day. The event will take place on Thursday and will support the Charity Bomb non-efforts profit’s to combat mental illness.

The tournament includes a number of rock stars, including Scott Ian, as befits the event’s name. On Monday, Anthrax’s lead vocalist talked with USPoker about his personal poker career and what to anticipate from the tournament. He also included some behind-the-scenes information about hanging out with Beavis and Butt-Head.



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What is the Rock the Pot poker event, and how does it work?

Charity Bomb assists adults and children who are suffering with mental illness. The competition generates money for our Operation GENzEQ, which seeks to reverse mental illness’s patterns and symptoms.

Charity Bomb founder and executive director Matthew Leone states, “Our efforts are more essential today than ever since the epidemic has disturbed the lives and emotional well-being of youngsters across the globe.” “As we evaluate the impact of the COVID lockdowns, we’re finding that our children have been the most affected in terms of mental health.”

Charity Bomb was established by artists and continues to be centered on music. The organization has already staged large-scale fundraising performances before Rock the Pot. Tenacious D, Metallica, Bush, Slipknot, Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fall Out Boy, The Offspring, No Doubt, and others were among the performers.

During the epidemic, the organization’s main source of funding dried up. The competition serves as a means of bridging some of that divide.

“It’s been a fantastic response,” Leone adds. “The traditions of music and cards complement each other so beautifully, and I believe mental health is a common thread between them.”

Faded Spade’s charity online poker platform is hosting the tournament, which has a $100 buy-in. The following musicians are also participating in the competition:

  • Eagles of Death Metal’s Jesse Huges
  • All-American Rejects – Nick Wheeler
  • 311 Nick Hexum
  • Pennywise – Fletcher Dragge

There are also expected to be more celebrity players and poker pros in attendance. The prize is a private boat vacation to Spain and Portugal for the winner. A Jackson King V electric guitar, tickets to the Aftershock Festival, and more are among the other prizes.

Chris Moneymaker, the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event champion, is the event’s host.


Scott Ian of Anthrax discusses poker, rock, and more.

Anthrax, which was founded in 1981 in New York City, is commemorating 40 years of heavy metal this year. The band has sold over 10 million records and is getting ready to perform live again.

Scott Ian plays poker on a regular basis when he’s not rocking out on stage or in the studio. He didn’t play much as a kid, but the internet poker explosion piqued his curiosity.

He recalls, “It wasn’t until 2006 that I received a free weekend in Vegas provided I showed up and participated in this VH1 celebrity rock ‘n’ roll poker tournament.” “I just did it so I could hang out with my friends who were also performing, like Vinnie from Pantera and Ace Frehley from KISS,” says the singer. I somehow got it, and that essentially altered the course of my life for the following five years.”

While on tour, Ian found online poker to be a good match for his schedule, and he developed a passion for the game. In 2009, he even competed in the WSOP Main Event.

He adds, “I dove deep into that universe.” “I received lessons from Annie Duke and spent a lot of time studying from Phil Hellmuth.”

Ian’s online poker career came to an end on Black Friday. Although he spends less time at the tables these days, this musician nonetheless loves playing cards.

“It was great playing online since all I needed was my laptop and I could be anywhere,” he adds. “Once it was gone, it was very difficult for me to remain current.

“I play with friends and at home now and again, but not as often as I used to. I’d want to return to the World Series at some point.”



With the use of a verified account. PLUS Purchase a $40 Gold Coin Package for $20.

Players from the United States are welcome.

Every day, just for logging in, you’ll get a FREE Sweeps Coin.

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Showing up on Beavis and Butthead and going to the poker tables

Anthrax’s music may be recognizable to anyone who have seen the MTV smash Beavis and Butt-Head. The program included Anthrax videos, and the whole band was featured in a skit on the film’s soundtrack.

The band performed a version of Beastie Boys’ Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun during a recording session with Mike Judge, the show’s creator.

He explains, “We went to the studio with Mike and he had written this skit about Beavis and Butt-Head coming to see Anthrax on tour and hanging out on the tour bus with us and getting into all kinds of hijinks.”

“Wow, it was incredible. We were all huge fans of the show and Mike Judge, so being in the same room with him as he did those voices was incredible. When you look at his face when he’s performing those voices, he sort of looks like Beavis and Butt-Head [laughs]. It deceives you into believing you’re conversing with these two morons. Doing that and seeing how he works was an incredible experience.”

Ian and his bandmates were ecstatic to see their own videos on the program.

He claims that “Beavis and Butt-Head were always huge fans of Anthrax.” “It feels good to know that we made the cut and that no one mocked us.”

Ian’s passion of poker isn’t shared by the rest of Anthrax. He’s looking forward to Rock the Pot and loves the game’s difficulty as well as the companionship.

He adds, “I’m simply thrilled to get to play and have fun.” “Hopefully, I’ll be able to play against actual people.” I’m aware that several professionals will be competing, so it’ll be interesting to see how my performance compares. I’m not approaching this tournament as if it were the Main Event. I simply want to have a good time.”

Additional information

Click here for additional information or to register for the Rock the Pot charity poker event. Anthrax has resurfaced for a few festival appearances and one-off performances. In addition, the band is working on a new album for release in 2022. Visit the band’s official website for additional information, or follow Anthrax or Scott Ian on Twitter.

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