ALC, the parent company of Resorts World Manila, has revealed its 2020-2021 profit figures. The casino operator has reported a net income of $1.3 billion in 2020 and $2.4 billion in 2021, which is an increase of 36% from its 2019 profits.

ALC, one of the world’s leading gaming companies, has announced its 2020-2021 profit figures.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation has released its annual report for the fiscal year 2020-2021. Despite the fact that it was one of the most difficult financial years for in-person gambling in Canada and across the world, the Crown company is pleased with its performance. It has been verified that the company is on pace to make record earnings this fiscal year.


When it comes to gaming, internet gambling, and lottery games, the four Atlantic Canada provinces depend on this company. During the previous fiscal year, more goods were launched, and people took their time to investigate them. Many individuals have taken their initial steps into the world of online gaming and discovered that lottery gaming is the game for them.

Report on the Year


These are some of the reasons why the recently released annual report highlighted outstanding results and statistics. The budget for New Brunswick was CA$137,635,495, while the actual profit was CA$118,596,537. The profit in Newfoundland and Labrador was CA$94,344,157, whereas the budget was CA$128,378,071. In Nova Scotia, the budget for 2021 was CA$139,498,200, while the profit was CA$118,897,046.

The numbers for Prince Edward Island were close, with almost no difference between budget and profit. CA$19,833,727 was spent on the former, while CA$14,706,039 was spent on the latter. Approximately 93 percent of the lottery funds were returned to Atlantic Canadian provinces. Nearly half of it goes to winners, with the provinces receiving roughly a third of the earnings. The lottery dollar helps operations, wages and benefits in Atlantic Canada, merchants, and tax payments, according to a breakdown.

During the previous fiscal year, 721 Atlantic Canadians won lottery prizes totaling more than CA$10,000. According to the study, this number has increased since the previous fiscal year, when just 533 big winners came from the area. The majority of this year’s winners are from Nova Scotia, while Prince Edward Island has the fewest — just 45.

Increasing Numbers

Over the last 52 weeks, 308,253 people have utilized Atlantic Lottery Corporation’s online platform to play virtual games or input real tickets into 2Chance. The lottery’s gross gaming revenue from digitally enabled games was CA$125.70 million. The year overall corporate net profit was CA$346.50 million, while the annual gross gaming income was CA$637.90 million, excluding rewards given to players.

When it comes to net income, two of the most popular draw games, Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49, performed very well among patrons. The Lotto MAX budget for this fiscal year was CA$66 million, while net revenue was CA$71 million in the end. The budget for Lotto 6/49 was CA$41 million, while the net income was CA$37 million. Despite a budget of CA$7.9 million, Digital Instants made a net profit of CA$31 million.

Following the start of the exceptional scenario, there was an estimated 500 percent increase in digital sales at the beginning of this year. Over 2020, new accounts increased by 380 percent, propelling the total appeal of this digital hotspot ahead.

This summer, costs for groups on Prince Edward Island who intend to utilize the lottery at events to generate money were reduced. For fundraisers exceeding CA$5,000, the province now levies a flat fee of CA$25 rather than a percentage of the prize value. The province would lose approximately CA$120,000 as a result of the move, but charities will get more money.

ALC, “Annual Report 2020-2021,” published on October 7, 2021.

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