There are two numbers that most of us dream of winning on the lottery. The first is your dream number. The second is your lucky number. These numbers, dream and lucky, have a significant impact on your chances of winning the lottery.

There are lots of ways to play the lottery, and plenty of lottery experts who offer advice to help you win. Our goal with this article is to help you understand how the lottery works, which numbers are likely to be drawn, and how these dream numbers help you play the lottery.

You can call it a lucky break or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but the truth is that playing the lottery can be anything but luck. Sure, anyone can win the lottery. But that doesn’t mean you should play. It’s the same as playing at a casino. You can easily lose your money and have a horrible experience. Or you can win the jackpot, but without any of the fun that comes along with winning the lottery.

Have you ever dreamed of something and had it come true tomorrow? If you believe dreams are signals and can be related to our lives, who’s to say they can’t be used for the lottery? There are methods experts use to convert dreams into bingo numbers. In this article, you will learn more about these techniques. You’ll even discover the connection between dreams and certain numbers you should use!

How do you turn dreams into lottery numbers according to your dreams?

You probably have at least one lucky number. It could be a family member’s birthday or your own special date. Perhaps the most important events in your life always take place on the 15th, and you feel that this number deserves special treatment. We all have our reasons for choosing our lucky numbers. Dreams can be one of those reasons, if you know how to analyze them. The idea is to estimate what happened in your dream and turn that into a number you can put on a lottery ticket. Copy your converted dream numbers and Play now! word-image-1608 Play now word-image-1609 Play now word-image-1610 Play now

Complete list of dreams about lottery numbers

Are you ready to discover the meaning of your dreams when you play the lottery? Find the keywords of your dream in the list below and find out what numbers you can play with!

Number Conditions
1 Red blood cells, man in white, left eye or hand, king in crown
2 Races and jockeys, monkeys, money, members of a native tribe.
3 Falls and traffic accidents, sex, swimming or meeting a sailor, the sea or a large body of water.
4 Big bed, treasure chest, someone yells at you, you yell at the other person.
5 Tiger, laughing at a joke, fighting, someone’s after you.
6 Milk or yogurt, animal blood, a glass of wine, a man in a suit…
7 Roosters and chickens, a thief or a person who has stolen an object, throw or see the dice.
8 Hitting a drunk, getting stabbed, a pig, a fat person around you
9 baby, hole or round shape, pumpkin, devil or demon, big stick
10 Yeast, someone’s grave (not necessarily yours), a cross in any form.
11 Travelling in a carriage, cycling, a big tree, going somewhere on a long road.
12 Dying old woman, small campfire (as in camp), ducks, illness.
13 Ghosts, spirits, the dead, big fish, big cows, buttons…
14 A nurse in a hospital, a fox in the woods or in the zoo, a heater in winter
15 The horse is usually white, she is a prostitute or a woman of bad character.
16 Pigeon or small bird, sending or receiving a letter from someone, lighter.
17 A woman, dressed in white, diamonds, a queen with her crown, walks through the door.
18 butterfly, eye or right hand, servant or maid, kill someone
19 A big bird like an eagle, a cloud of smoke coming from somewhere.
20 On your way to heaven, ask someone for help, use a handkerchief, a cat…
21 Your back, an elephant in the wild, a fisherman on a journey, a flight…
22 Your left foot, a car driving down the road, a smartphone or other gadget, a mountain…
23 kissing (getting ready for bed), stop, can (drink), be excited
24 handbag, mouth, male or female breasts, food, lioness or other wild cat
25 Go to church, to the hospital or visit someone, a boxer…
26 A group of bees around you, attending a funeral, seeing someone with bad intentions.
27 Seeing a policeman in the street, receiving sad news, seeing a baby born
28 The little fish (e.g. sardines) that work in your office control your right leg
29 pond or small body of water, cry or see tears, hold a large knife
30 Seeing an Indian, visiting a cemetery, dreaming of a bird, seeing the sun
31 Being in the middle of a big fire, being in a bar fight, seeing bird feathers.
32 Discover a pile of gold, meet a woman with dirty clothes, see a snake…
33 An artist performing, a vision of aliens, a spider making her web, a castle…
34 Meeting or seeing a cripple, eating or seeing a piece of meat, seeing a zombie.
35 Discover a big hole (maybe in a grave), see a boat, a pile of clothes…
36 Smoking or seeing a box of cigars, offering or eating gum, scratching…
37 Cooking (on the stove), going down the creek, meeting the lawyer.
38 Seeing balloons in the sky, attending a game or concert in a stadium, seeing fireworks.
39 Watching or playing football, seeing your teacher, witnessing a massacre, getting a tattoo.
40 A clock that strikes the hour, an encounter with a leprechaun, an encounter with a snail, a visit to an herbalist or a healer…
41 Running through a desert, entering a cave, seeing planets in the sky, hiding from a monster
42 Seeing a tornado coming, grabbing or using an umbrella, walking through a door, camels
43 storms, turtles and rabbits, an astronaut in space, soldiers
44 Seeing a man work out in a gym, or a bodybuilder, running in the mud, seeing a shark.
45 Attending a wrestling match, playing or watching a football game, using a computer, wearing jewelry.
46 Finding or using a key, seeing or riding in an ambulance, growing a beard or seeing it.
47 Watching television on the big screen, going to a fair, trying to fly a kite
48 See a rainbow, dream a nightmare, get rich quick…
49 Eat or buy chocolate, enter a spaceship, visit a circus or attend a show.
50 Cornfields, participating in the revolution, seeing a trap or being captured, magic acts.
51 Seeing a wasp, eating or seeing an orange or a carrot, driving a car
52 Use a hairbrush, take a shower, play or listen to a whistle.

What is the technique for dream lottery numbers?

There are several approaches to calculate your dream items and convert them into bingo numbers. The most commonly used technique is explained below:

  1. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number from 1 to 9. The usual concept is that two or three letters correspond to a certain number.
  2. Highlight a specific word from your dream. It could be a chair. Now assign a specific numeric value to each letter.
  3. You add the values of these numbers together to get their number. For example, CHAIR is 3 (C), 8 (H), 1 (A), 9 (I), 9 (R), which means 3+8+1+9+9=30. So the number to choose from would be 30.

Since there are different approaches, it is best to leave the calculation to the experts. All you have to do is read the guide below and choose your dream pieces.

3 best dream number books for lotto

1. Lucky numbers from the Raven’s Dream Book: The only lottery book you’ll ever need

word-image-1611 Raven’s Lucky Numbers is a versatile book with detailed information to analyze your dreams when choosing a lottery combination. You can use this data to select numbers for Mega Millions, Powerball and other popular games. In addition to dreams, the book also analyzes the moon and zodiac signs, names, days, gemstones, etc. Buy the book – Raven’s Dream of Lucky Numbers now!

2. Gigi’s dream book for the lottery : choose 3 and 4 numbers

word-image-1612 This book is about number selection for Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery strategies. J. Adams has collected over 5,800 records of objects, names and thoughts. You will find that the content is versatile and user-friendly, as it shows you how to use almost any event in your life to create a bingo combination. This book is only available in paperback. Buy the book – Gigi’s Lottery Dream now!

3. 2021 Dream Book Lottery Numbers: Code your dreams into bingo numbers you can use

word-image-1613 Dr. Golder is the author’s pseudonym, and this book is popular with lottery players. This is the latest edition, but versions from previous years were also available. The title is meant to help you remember what you dreamt last night. You will learn how to identify proper names and convert them into numbers for your combination. If you believe in lucky lottery numbers, you’ll love this book. Buy the book – 2021 Dream Lotto Number now!

Frequently asked questions about Lotto Dream Numbers

Are dreams the only thing to consider when choosing numbers?

It depends on your beliefs, but there are many things that can help you choose lottery numbers. For example, have you noticed the number 4 several times in one day? This is probably a sign to put it on the next post. Some people insert special dates, e.g. your own birthday or someone else’s. Others rely on the zodiac and turn to the horoscope of lucky numbers. Ultimately, it takes personal luck to win prizes. However, if you think specific numbers can increase your chances, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Do you use the same dream numbers for all lotteries?

You can use the same combination in several bingo games. There is one condition, however. The lotto of a particular game should have enough numbers to cover all your dreams. For example, the number 55 is not available in Canada Lotto 6/49. So while in theory you don’t have to limit yourself to one lottery, you are limited by the numbers.

Is winning with dream numbers guaranteed?

No, and don’t believe anyone who says that. There is no guarantee that you will win the lottery as the draws are completely random. Lotto dream numbers are a fun way to develop your combination. You can also use lottery predictions to try and improve your odds through balanced combinations and analysis of previous draws. But winning is ultimately a matter of luck.

Final thoughts

As you can see, analyzing your dreams to choose lottery numbers can be very fascinating. If you think dreams are a message, these techniques will help you turn them into a bingo combination. On this page you will find some associations with numbers. You are welcome to try this method. Who knows, maybe it’s your dreams that make you the next lottery winner! The post A complete guide to lotto dream numbers and how to use them appeared first on Lottery ‘n Go.As a lot of people know, you can use lottery numbers to help you win at lottery. It is known as the dream number system. There are various lottery winners who have used dream number system in their favor. But you must be aware that this system is not fool-proof. And the main rules are not always applicable. So, the dream number rules are not the sole criteria to win lottery. That is why it is good to know these rules to prepare yourself for the lottery’s draw.. Read more about old lottery dream books and let us know what you think.

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