Casinos are in a constant battle for customers, and the only way to keep them coming back is by continually improving their services. Here’s how you can take your Vegas experience from good to great.

The “world series of poker 2022 schedule” is a way to make the experience more exciting. The list includes 5 ways to upgrade the Vegas experience.

5 Ways to Upgrade That Vegas Experience

Although the location of the World Series of Poker has shifted, the tournament has returned to its summer beginnings. For many people, going to Las Vegas with their pals and friends every summer has become a habit. 

“I look forward to this vacation every year with my pals,” says Brian Keane, presenter of the Nerdthusiast Poker podcast. “I feel like summer doesn’t fully begin until I’m in Vegas with my poker team for the WSOP every year.”

Not everyone who travels to Las Vegas is a seasoned poker player. Many players go just to see the activity or to participate in minor tournaments. The fact that players aren’t lining up for high roller bracelet events doesn’t mean the WSOP can’t be entertaining. 

Here are five ways that poker-playing buddies and groups might enhance their Vegas vacation.

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1 – Satellites for poker leagues

5-Ways-to-Upgrade-That-Vegas-ExperienceAnthony Cicali’s poker league at home.

It’s a lot of fun to run a year-round poker league. A pleasant competitive dynamic may be created by having friends pool their money each month and constructing a point system to decide the annual winner.

Allowing the league’s best players to take the money and compete in Main Event satellites or larger WSOP events may generate a lot of excitement.

Ray Mendoza of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, says, “The thing I appreciate most about being in a poker league is being able to participate in larger buy-in tournaments that I wouldn’t typically play because of the expense.” “I also like going into tournaments like the WSOP as a team with the other guys in the league cheering each other on.”

2 – Tag team competition

The WSOP used to include a “mixed doubles tournament,” which was won by Doyle Brunson and Starla Brodie in 1979. In 2016, this event was turned into a “tag team event” and brought back to life. 

The competition has become into one of the most enjoyable summer events. This is a fantastic approach for buddies to band together while without depleting the checkbook.

The $1,000 buy-In tag team tournament in 2022 is Event 55, and it will take place on June 26. A team of up to two players may compete in this event. Each participant receives a bracelet if their team wins an event.

Friends have dressed up in costumes or even team jerseys to represent their group and add to the excitement in recent years.

From the #WSOP Tag Team event, here’s a photo dump for your viewing enjoyment. Since it occurs on Halloween, there have been some incredible team costumes, and now I wish my tag team teammate @NateSilver538 and I were suited up for it! Which one is your personal favorite?

1 November 2021 — Maria Ho (@MariaHo)

3 – Longer wagers and prop bets 

A propositional bet, sometimes known as a prop bet, is one that is not directly related to the game being played. Prop bets in poker have been around for a long time and have been the subject of many films, including Lucky You. 

Cheever, the protagonist of the film, is attempting to secure his Main Event seat buy-in. To accomplish so, he must win a wager by jogging miles and golfing a 78 or better without using a cart in fewer than three hours.



Prop bets don’t have to be this severe, but they are a fun way for mates to compete and push one other do crazy things. Prop bets include the following:

  • Last longer wager of $100 – Each buddy puts money up, and the last one standing wins the event.
  • The person who finishes first in the competition must dress up like a cowboy and ride the mechanical bull at PBR Bar & Grill.
  • The first person to relate a terrible beat tale is required to purchase a round of drinks.

4 – Roulette for dinner 

Having breakfast and dinner with friends every day is a highlight in and of itself. In his book Exploitative Play in Live Poker, Alexander Fitzgerald describes what recreational poker with friends entails.

“The genuine salary in poker is having black coffee at a café with your pals and discussing how you’ll earn hundreds of thousands of dollars together,” he says. “Nothing comes close to that feeling.”

Players may appoint the buddy with the largest stack during dinner break to choose the restaurant if they want to spice things up and make it competitive. Another entertaining idea is to play credit card roulette to see who pays for the meals.

When all of your buddies chip in their debit cards and mix them up before handing them to the waiter, you’re playing credit card roulette. The waiter choose a card at random, and that individual is the one who pays for the dinner. 

At WSOP, you may get a free $60.


When you sign up, you’ll get $10 free.

On your first deposit, you will get a $50 bonus.

On deposit, you may get a 100% match up to $1,000.

Use the following bonus code: 10FREE

5 – Go out on the town

1650995136_178_5-Ways-to-Upgrade-That-Vegas-ExperienceIn 2021, the author and buddies are hanging out at the WSOP.

Taking a day off to unwind and do something touristic may sometimes be a very unforgettable experience. Around Las Vegas, there are several historical places and attractions.

It’s also a good idea to ask a casino host for free performance tickets. After a few days of poker, a terrific Vegas performance is a wonderful way to decompress. 

“This summer, I’m taking a day break from the series to go wakeboarding with pals on Lake Mead,” says Delran, New Jersey’s Jeff Barton. 

Other interesting tourist destinations include:

  • Graveyard of Neon Signs
  • Hoover Dam is a hydroelectric dam in the United States
  • The Grand Canyon is a natural wonder in the United
  • The Mob Museum is a museum dedicated to the mob. 
  • The Experience on Fremont Street

Poker is all about having a good time. It’s all about hanging around in Vegas with pals, playing cards, and attempting to win money.

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